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Customer Complaint
Case Management

Eccentex Customer Complaint Case Management software delivers the flexibility, adaptability, transparency, and tracking ability required to successfully track customer complaints across multiple teams, divisions, organizations, business locations, or companies. Easily create and search case files, schedule tasks, and communicate across departments, business locations and remote offices. System users can address customer complaint issues, view file histories, update documents, and set up calendar events in real time, from any location.


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The workflow and web-based system makes it easy to track, manage and learn from customer interactions to resolve cases faster and improve customer satisfaction.

  • Shorter processing times for customer complaints and requests
  • Decreased costs through compliant, centralized, and reliable processes
  • Making service agents more effective by providing the information they need to address issues
  • Eliminates recurring errors and repetitive data entry
  • Greater collaboration, work flexibility, and productivity
  • Integrated data with access for external partners, suppliers and agencies
  • Improved customer loyalty and satisfaction through insights
  • Less complex work for on-site and remote employees
  • Continuous operational improvements from constant learning from customers

The Eccentex Customer Complaint Case Management application effectively manages complaints handling by providing the tools for effective customer communication.

  • Track, process, and manage all aspects of a case from the moment its opened until it is resolved and closed
  • Design collaborative workflows to outline the sequence of activities
  • Assign activities to the proper service agents and case workers
  • Track the case history and all relevant events and data
  • Generate supporting reports on demand
  • Examine results through powerful statistical tools and analytics
  • Assign case and task assignments
  • Set reminders, follow-up tasks, and escalations
  • Access through the Internet browser at any time from any location

Customer Complaint Management is built on AppBase and delivers rich functionality, including:

  • Drag-and-drop customization
  • Real-time analytics
  • Automated reports
  • Automatic notifications
  • Instant global deployment

Release Date: February 2, 2012

System Requirements: Internet Explorer 8 and higher

Customer Complaint Case Management Video

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