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Fraud Investigation Case

Eccentex delivers a Fraud Investigation Case Management solution that provides examiners a comprehensive web-based application to initiate and track fraud investigations while managing ongoing case loads. With Fraud Investigation Case Management, users can gather and store electronic and physical evidence, track and report case-related communication, create and search case files, and schedule tasks to make thoughtful decisions. Eccentex also partners with Fraud Detection Analytics providers to deliver a complete end-to-end Fraud Management solution.


The Fraud Investigation enables easy configuration of security and other business rules to lock down sensitive data, determine user permissions, and capture an audit trail for each stage of an investigation, ultimately delivering a detailed case history report. Fraud Investigation Case Management handles correspondence, contacts, documents, profiles, and follow-ups from a single case file for efficient case management from the moment a fraud investigation is opened until it is closed.  


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Fraud Investigation Case Management provides effective information management and communication for faster case resolutions.

  • Deliver fraud examiners a comprehensive data set to enhance investigations
  • Analyze investigation outcomes to improve decision making and processes
  • Shorten processing times for investigations of cases
  • Ensure compliance with state and federal regulations
  • Detect emerging trends and manage risk
  • Eliminate recurring errors and repetitive data entry
  • Access case information at any time from any location through a standard web browser
  • Data integration with external partners/ third parties to detect and collect additional fraud content
  • Secure and centralized access to current and historical case data

Eccentex Fraud Investigation Case Management delivers a complete application to manage fraud investigations by centralizing information and content, streamlining processes, and enabling collaboration designed to improve decision making and knowledge sharing.

  • Track and manage fraudulent activities from discovery of inconsistencies to decision making to resolve the case
  • Configurable settings such as automatic notifications, case assignments, reminders, follow-up tasks and escalations to ensure that your team performs at its best
  • Collect and manage additional fraud information available from both public and private external systems (aliases, similar events, patterns, etc.)
  • Setup simple or complex rules to help manage “red flag” indicators
  • See detailed event chronology with milestones and case disposition
  • Receive notification alerts and track deadlines and tasks according to defined SLA’s
  • Route fraud investigation cases through real-time workflow according to process steps, business rules, and other configurable information
  • Generate letters and other correspondence to relevant parties throughout the process and capture automatically as case content
  • Escalation of fraud of cases and issues for manager’s review and/or approval
  • Define security and access controls for each system user
  • Generate ad hoc and customized reports on demand

Fraud Investigation Case Management is built on AppBase and delivers rich functionality, including:

  • Drag-and-drop customization
  • Real-time analytics
  • Automated reports
  • Automatic notifications
  • Instant global deployment

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System Requirements:
Internet Explorer 8 and higher (Chrome, Safari, or Firefox also supported)


How It Works

Learn more about Fraud Investigation Case Management by downloading its corresponding whitepaper.