Case Management Redefined

What is Dynamic Case Management

Dynamic Case Management solutions are knowledge-intensive and require knowledge workers to coordinate tasks, processes and services to achieve a positive outcome. They require a large degree of flexibility and adaptability to process the case.

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Incident Processing
  • Need for speed and sensitivity
  • Typically event driven
  • Complaints/order exceptions/helpdesk
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  • Need for greater transparency
  • Typically data driven
  • Fraud/audit/due diligence
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Service Request
  • Need for access to knowledge bases
  • Typically goal driven
  • Claims/mortgage/on-boarding

The Anatomy of a Case

The rapid rate of regulatory, business and consumer expectation changes have outpaced the capabilities and extensibility of existing process management and collaboration technologies required by today’s knowledge workers.

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  • Gather and review data
  • Request more as required
  • Assign roles and initiate
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  • Evaluate knowledge bases
  • Collaborate as appropriate
  • Satisfy rules and milestones
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  • Document results
  • Communicate and archive
  • Initiate billing or new case
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A new, better way to manage work

Dynamic Case Management (DCM), also known as Adaptive Case Management, is a next-generation of solutions bringing together information, processes and people utilizing a mixed set of controls that are human and system driven.

Case Management Solutions:
  • Complaint Management
  • Incident Management
  • Document Management
  • Fraud Management
  • Social Services
  • Platform as a Service

Eccentex Solutions

Eccentex solutions provide the most effective method to build, deploy, monitor and manage dynamic case management applications.

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Innovative, patented, cloud-native, PaaS for dynamic case management solutions.

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Prebuilt application templates for investigative, incident and service request-based work.

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Application and vertical-specific SaaS options for those looking for off-the-shelf knowledge worker apps.

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