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Almost every customer of Eccentex Digital Business Platform with DCM has taken an initial solution and found great value in capitalizing on that initial investment and putting other areas of operation on the same core case management platform. It is a unique value proposition that differentiates itself from the typical point solution, geared solely to requirements of one governmental or organizational function. Eccentex Digital Business Platform provides business unit solutions that can be unified for master data management, cross-business unity & collaboration, and shared services. Each area the organization would choose to add to the AppBase platform becomes more and more cost effective, building on the initial investment by the customer.

Ministry of Justice

Type: Law Enforcement

Industry: Government

Piraeus Bank Drives Operational Excellence

Eccentex DCM for a centralized case management system to automate dispute case processing with built-in workflow to manage each type of case

New York Department of Financial Services

Type: Financial

Industry: Government

Piraeus Bank Drives Operational Excellence

This is bringing them not only many operational benefits, but also very significant cost savings in systems consolidation and cost-of-ownership

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