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Eccentex Survey: Companies Fail to Provide Mission Critical Data to Mobile Workforce in Spite of Overwhelming Employee Demand

January 15, 2013
59% of Knowledge Workers Say Smartphones Would Improve Productivity; 37% of Respondents Say Biggest Challenge Today is Lack of Remote Access to Data

LOS ANGELES, CA - January 15, 2013 - Eccentex Corporation, a provider of platform-as-a-service (PaaS) applications for Dynamic Case Management (DCM), today announced results of a recently conducted survey which found that companies are failing to equip their employees with the tools they need thrive in today’s work environment.

Survey results, which included responses from knowledge workers in a variety of industries, pointed to widespread demand for mobile and cloud-based access to business-critical information systems and platforms needed to do their job. Knowledge Workers, characterized as workers whose main capital is knowledge, point to a need for greater transparency, and the ability to gather data from various sources in order to make a decision on a case.

Key Findings:

  • Mobility is important to 57.7% of workers, with 13.5% saying it is “mission critical” to their job.” However, 36.9 percent of respondents said their biggest challenge is not having access to required information remotely when it is needed.

  • Use of a tablet and/or smartphone has become “the norm” and increases productivity while at the office or on-the-go. According to the survey, 58.6% of respondents said the use of mobile tools “increases productivity” and 27% of respondents said working remotely makes work “easier.”

  • According to the survey, working in the cloud has already become the norm for 45% of respondents and 36% of respondents would prefer that their company adopt cloud technologies.

“This survey confirms what we’ve been working towards with our product offerings, that knowledge workers are more effective at their jobs when able to work on-the-go,” said Glen Schrank, CEO of Eccentex Corporation. “The BYOD movement within corporations is growing, and we feel, along with our respondents, that it is necessary to not only provide these tools but also have guidelines for their use and support for employees.”

“To accomplish the vision of the modern knowledge worker, it is important for employers to provide the necessary tools required to work efficiently, as well as support the changing technological requirements in the workplace,” added Mr. Schrank.


Infographic – For a graphic illustration of these survey results on “The Disturbing Truth about the Modern Worker,” click here.


The survey was conducted online from XX to XX, featuring comments from executives in a cross section industries, company size, job title and function.

About Eccentex:
Eccentex is revolutionizing the way knowledge workers, management and customer expectations are being met by delivering better results through universal access to execute tasks when, where and how it’s needed to achieve customer satisfaction, while maintaining corporate governance and compliance requirements. A technology innovator with more than 7 years of experience and several patents, Eccentex provides a globally proven solution and one stop shop for all things dynamic case management.

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