Eccentex DCM Products

Eccentex is the leader in cloud-based Dynamic Case Management Solutions to enterprises around the world. Our products are scalable, enterprise-grade applications that integrate directly into your company infrastructure. Not only do these applications make your organization more compliant, but they also help you become more secure, more productive, and more profitable.




AppBase, platform-as-a-service (PaaS), provides developers with a rich cloud environment to develop, scale, and manage Enterprise-Grade Dynamic Case Management SaaS applications. Eccentex integration layer technology and SOA architecture enable seamless connectivity with applications and systems you already use.


Platform-as-a-service (PaaS)
Rapid deployment methodology
Browser-based, drag-and-drop environment



Prebuilt application templates for investigative, incident and service request-based work. Facilitates quick start for rapid deployment along with customizable functionality, business rules and user interface.


Prebuilt application templates
Investigative, Incident, Service Request
Business logics, feature and UI customizable


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AppLibrary provides application and vertical-specific SaaS options for those looking for off-the-shelf knowledge worker apps. Built on AppBase and AppTemplates by Eccentex partners and marketed by Eccentex.


Our AppLibrary allows you to select a specific pre-built application. What AppExchange is to, AppLibrary is to Eccentex.


Software as a Service
Application/Vertical Specific
Partner Built and Managed