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image descriptionInfographic: The Nature of Modern Worker Today

Modern workers have evovled into sophisticated creatures valued for their knowledge base and problem solving abilities, but their tools are stuck in the stone age.

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image descriptionOVUM SWOT Assessment: Eccentex AppBase 5.0

Eccentex has a number of capabilities that will appeal to organizations looking to implement a PaaS solution for dynamic case management. It is cost-effective, based on a subscription model requiring no hardware or software installation, which will be attractive to overworked IT departments. It can be used in remote locations through the availability of offline forms, which organizations with dispersed offices will find useful.


image descriptionEccentex AppBase

Eccentex AppBase is an application development platform-as-a-service (PaaS) for Dynamic Case Management (DCM) designed to enable businesses of all sizes to rapidly design, develop and deploy process-centric web applications. AppBase provides the ability to integrate existing processes and centralize data.


image descriptionSuccess Story: Complaints Case Management

Eccentex complaints management system helps the organization expedite case outcomes, reduce bottom-line costs, integrate departments and much more.


image descriptionEmploying DCM for Successful Complaint Management

DCM enables successful complaint management, allows to run agile service processes and to overcome the challenges of the unpredictable business environment.


image descriptionBuilding with AppBase

Learn about the powerful capabilities of the AppBase platform and the ease of building single applications or application suites. AppBase is a Dynamic Case Management (DCM) platform that allows technical and non-technical users alike to design, develop, and deploy process-centric web applications.


image descriptionProduct Overview: Hosted vs. On-Premise Solutions

When considering an externally hosted, or Cloud Computing, solution versus a locally managed or on-premise installation, businesses need to asses not only the software, hardware, and human resources required to support it, but also the ongoing maintenance and licenses. This document reviews the technical and business benefits of a Software as a Service (Saas) or hosted solution.


image descriptionRevolution: How Knowledge Workers Adapt to New Rules

There was a time when the height of knowledge worker empowerment was the telephone and manila folders. Then came technologies like business process management, enterprise content management and customer relationship management to automate the more repetitive and structured tasks.


image descriptionEccentex DCM Fast Facts

Eccentex Dynamic Case Management (DCM) platform AppBase helps businesses reduce costs, lower risk, increase compliance and improve customer service.


image descriptionThe High Cost of Knowledge

This Delphi Group white paper takes a look at the impact of the changing world economy on knowledge work employment and organizations.


image descriptionTop Issues Handling Complaints and the
Path to Successful Complaint Management

Successful companies are serious about superior complaint management, and realize the benefits of providing outstanding customer service. Today, geographically distributed offices, a myriad of compliance rules, pressure to reduce costs, and the ease of customer defection all contribute to the critical need to maintain great customer interactions.


image descriptionDatasheet: CollectionCycle

CollectionCycle is an AppBase template specially designed to automate collections processes. The template allows customers to fully customize fields, forms, decisions, workflows, reports, dashboards, and document generation that is capable of scaling to any size of an enterprise.