Support Overview

Fully committed to your successful Cloud Strategy execution

In the past, most organizations wanting to deploy new enterprise applications had to first make a substantial investment in their IT infrastructure and only then focus on building and integrating custom apps with their existing legacy systems. This approach to application development is slow-to-implement and is expensive to design, maintain and support.

The recent advent of cloud computing and proliferation of cloud services platforms allow for faster time-to-market, as well as significantly lowers overall costs of building, deploying and managing new apps. At the same time, scalability, flexibility and agility have considerably increased. The cloud computing model has also allowed internal IT staff to refocus their initiatives on improving the direct line of business technology, not on infrastructure maintenance.

Nevertheless, in order to leverage full power of the cloud computing platform - technical expertise, exceptional support, knowledgeable training and education services are need in order to design and execute successful cloud strategy. At Eccentex, we fully understand this and offer the following suite of services in order to ensure quality and successful application delivery, integration and implementation:

  • Cloud Strategy Services
  • Professional Services
  • Training & Support
  • Education Services


Cloud Professional Services

Our #1 priority is to ensure that our customers can implement their cloud strategy rapidly, while reducing risk and realizing value. Our expert staff is ready to assist you in every phase of your deployment.

Development and Consulting Services

Eccentex provides you with a full range of custom development services in the cloud. Our custom application development services include:

  • Needs discovery
  • Rapid prototyping
  • ROI/TCO analysis
  • Custom application development
  • Data migration (if needed)
  • Integration with core systems
  • IT and business user training and change management

Implementation Services

Whether you chose to play an active role in defining requirements and planning your implementation steps or you elect to leverage our Cloud Professional Services Team or one of our partners, you can be certain that we’ll provide you with the precise methodology, tools and guidance to be successful.

Integration Services

Eccentex's Cloud Professional Services Team helps you plan and implement integration solutions by leveraging best practices around AppBase Platform-as-a-Service architecture and a wide range of software products.

Cloud Support Services

You demand more than just world-class technology; you demand world-class support for your business. Eccentex’s Cloud Support Services is dedicated to ensuring customer success by having highly-skilled professionals provide timely response and resolution to problems in order to quickly eliminate issues and help customers realize the full potential of their cloud deployment. That’s why we offer our customers a choice of several support packages to meet the specific service needs of their individual organizations.

Support Packages


  • Initial setup and training
  • System enhancements and version upgrades at no additional cost
  • Product support, 5 days a week, by email
  • Technical assistance for the purpose of understanding how to use the software
  • Assistance will be given during business hours, in a timely manner

Free Support does not include analysis of problematic issues or other troubleshooting activities


Most of our customers choose this option because of the wide range of benefits it provides at a low cost.

Deluxe Support for One Year, includes:

  • Initial setup and training
  • Priority product support, 7 days a week, by email, as well as 5 days a week, telephone support
  • System enhancements and version upgrades at no additional cost
  • Eccentex will use reasonable best efforts to correct failures and provide a solution to clients in a timely manner
  • Deluxe Support includes the analysis of problematic issues or other troubleshooting activities
  • The Deluxe Support Plan has a term of one year


We understand that each client works with unique business processes and may require a customized level of support. This option can be tailored to meet any support terms.

Eccentex Cloud University

Eccentex is committed to ensuring proper training and education for our customers in order to ensure successful and timely implementation of Eccentex’s cloud solutions. We offer a variety of training and educational classes to meet the unique needs of our customer companies and user types. Public classes are delivered free-of-charge through live and pre-recorded virtual training seminars. Eccentex also offers private on-site or virtual classes tailored to your company's unique needs, as well as custom training services to help your organization optimize business processes while leveraging Eccentex’s cloud solutions.

AppBase Implementation Success

We help enterprises, including many of's and Google's largest customers migrate their custom business processes to the cloud.