Eccentex Videos

In these videos, Eccentex experts and Industry Analysts alike discuss the power of Dynamic Case Management (DCM), how the Eccentex platform benefits companies, and ways to integrate it into your organization.

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Government Complaints Processing

In this webinar, Alex Stein, Eccentex founder and chief strategy officer, and Sandra Anderson, a key customer from a large state regulatory agency, discuss “A New Way to Process Complaints in State & Local Governments.” The 40-minute presentation includes a product demo and Q&A.

Eccentex DCM Platform Demo

Alex Stein, Eccentex EVP of Product Strategy, gives a demonstration of Eccentex’s powerful DCM platform, highlighting technology features and benefits. This is an excerpt from the ACM Live interactive virtual summit powered by DelphiTV.

Forrester – Power of Dynamic Case Management

Connie Moore, VP & Research Director at Forrester Research, talks about the power of Dynamic Case Management.

DCM…Seeing Results Now

In this session led by leading expert and best-selling author Nathaniel Palmer, you will learn not only why Dynamic Case Management is at the heart of IT transformation, where cloud, mobile and social computing intersect – but also how to get started for immediate results.