Customer Story – Financial Services

Transforming customer service through digital

$3 million

savings after the first year of production

200 agents

reduction in the contact center workforce within the first year


drop in complaint tickets within the first year


reduction in contact center costs after the first year of production


Financial Services

Products and Services

AppBase for Customer Service
AppBase Connector for Genesys Engage

Organization Size

Multinational Corporation (10,000+ employees)

A large consumer loan company sees significant efficiency gains within their contact center, reducing costs and customer complaints

Challange and vision:

The company’s customer service transformation

The company operates in 25 regions as well as 250 cities, operating over 200,000 point-of-sale locations. They focus primarily on small consumer loans for such things as electronics, equipment and higher education.

It faced a significant challenge: they were introducing a series of new products for its tech-savvy consumers. But customer support relied on monolithic legacy systems that weren’t flexible enough to handle the new offering or meet customer expectations — and that wouldn’t comply with new government regulations.

With over 15-million active customers, the 3,000 agents were processing 3,500 help desk tickets a day across four large contact centers in the country. These tickets often required investigations to work with up to 15 departments. Communication between departments was done mainly by unmanaged email, forcing employees to re-enter those same tickets into their departments’ disparate software. This meant work got lost, SLAs were violated and agents relied on “tribal knowledge” to resolve issues.

They needed to overhaul their approach to customer care — moving away from siloed operations, manual processes and legacy systems to an integrated customer experience.

How Eccented helped:

Live in 90 days

To meet its objectives, Eccentex, Genesys and and the customer worked together to achieve the following.

  • Streamline, automate and standardize the customer service process with out-of-the-box AppBase case management features. Examples include complaints management, fraud tracking, dashboarding and prioritization.
  • Remove unmanaged internal email by connecting all necessary departments within the AppBase solution.
  • Decommission legacy systems and integrate with key department-owned systems
  • Integrate AppBase with Genesys solutions for agents to more quickly help customers.
  • Enable the business to make changes without relying on their IT department.

The company deployed the AppBase solution to 200 agents in the first 90 days, then rapidly expanded to 3,000 concurrent agents at all sites.

They took an agile, phased approach, with each phase lasting 90 to 120 days, to quickly see results. A small Eccentex Professional Services team worked with their business teams and the IT department to help them achieve a successful first deployment.


Significant cost savings after the first year

With adoption of the flexible AppBase platform, the company ensured success in many ways. In the first year, it reduced its contact center costs by over 6%. And, after implementing the Genesys Engage product, they saw significant efficiency gains in 15 departments, including sales, security and marketing. And it reduced hundreds of FTE contact center agents, resulting in over $3 million in savings each year. Additionally, it experienced over 20% reduction in complaint tickets after the first year—from 3,500 to 2,700. Managers also were able to catch bottlenecks early with real-time reporting.

3000 concurrent agents

3500+ new tickets a day

90 days to first production go-live

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