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Ministry of Justice

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Ministry of Justice

June 9, 2017


  • Dispute resolution services across multiple verticals, including medical, insurance, disability, employment,  real estate, telecommunication and commercial matters
  • Manual submission of all complaint documents, supporting claim information and medical records slowed down the process and led to human error
  • 85% of the cases fell within a complex, multi-process workflow that required manual completion often leading to cases being improperly processed
  • Financial information was potentially exposed to those that should not have access to it


Eccentex DCM for a centralized case management system to automate dispute case processing with built-in workflow to manage each type of case

Business Impact

  • Case-specific automated and ad-hoc tasks decreased resolution time and increased accuracy of case processing
  • Security improved through the web portal, allowing consumers to feel safe about their finances and privacy
  • Documentation stored with the electronic case, decreasing errors and eliminating lost documentation
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