This flexibility makes the Eccentex approach a very compelling value proposition for the public or private sector organization.

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New York Department of Financial Services

May 27, 2017

New York Department of Financial Services

The New York Department of Financial Services (NYSDFS), utilizes the AppBase platform in this exact configuration and has settled on AppBase as their departmental standard for ALL Dynamic Case Management applications, large and small. This is bringing them not only many operational benefits, but also very significant cost savings in systems consolidation and cost-of-ownership.  The NYSDFS initially implemented AppBase for Consumer Complaints in the Insurance Department of New York State. When the Insurance and Banking Departments merged, forming the Department of Financial Services, they built on this platform by integrating the Banking sector for consumer complaints as well. They iteratively expanded on that platform by adding in an Appeals process for consumers to appeal insurance claims decisions, Compliance to training for the industry and many other functions. They then expanded the scope of these functions to allow multiple areas of the Department to participate, including their Frauds Bureau, their Office of General Counsel for Disciplinary Actions and their Civil Enforcement bureaus, among others.  Concurrent with this, the Governor of New York initiated a huge state-wide program of IT and systems consolidation, reducing the number of statewide systems from into thousands down to a more management number in the hundreds.  Eccentex Digital Business Platform with Dynamic Case Management was selected as the standard for all Case Management, Business Process Workflow and Document Management. It has been used to end-of-life multiple core systems and applications, and is used as a basis to replace 30 or more supporting Lotus and Access based tracking systems.   This flexibility makes the Eccentex approach a very compelling value proposition for the public or private sector organization.


More than 300 government personnel working across multiple departments, dispersed offices and interfacing with numerous third parties to investigate insurance complaints against insurers. The problem: due to continual compliance and regulatory changes and a large increase in case numbers, the business processes within NYSDFS were becoming outdated and the existing systems could no longer handle the required case volume.


NYSDFS now runs an innovative, 100% web-based complaints management system. The workflow module handles case allocation for knowledge workers based on their expertise, availability and other parameters. The system automatically detects duplicate cases and creates alerts for due dates, new events, modifications, etc.  Documents are stored in an electronic format, allowing easy access, annotations, flexible collaboration and automated letter generation. Managers schedule reports for automated delivery and review.

Business Impact

  • Improved case processing times by 40%
  • Automated repetitive steps resulting in 22% bottom-line costs reduction
  • Enabled direct connectivity with consumers, external stakeholders, insurance companies and brokers
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