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January, 20, 2013 Eccentex

Smartphones, tablets increase workers’ productivity, survey finds

Around 59 percent of knowledge workers said that the use of smartphones and tablets increases their productivity and 27 percent said that working remotely makes work easier, according to an online survey of knowledge workers by platform-as-a-service provider Eccentex.

January, 18, 2013 Eccentex

Mobile Workforce Demands Mission Critical Data

Eccentex Corporation, a provider of platform-as-a-service (PaaS) applications for Dynamic Case Management (DCM), recently conducted a survey which found that knowledge workers in a variety of industries are demanding mobile and cloud-based access to business-critical information systems and platforms needed to do their job.

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January, 15, 2013

Eccentex Finds Knowledge Workers Lacking Necessary Tools for Productivity [Infographic]

How prepared are you to thrive in your work environment? Are you able to access the information you want when you need it?

January, 14, 2013

Eccentex Unveils AppBase4.5

Dynamic case management (DCM (News - Alert)) eases the process of case-related work by allowing users to automate various aspects of this tedious process. Both human and artificial intelligence are used in DCM and the process is similar to business process management (BPM). DCM technology provides various benefits to the users and also enhances workflow.

December, 10, 2012

Eccentex AppBase is featured as product of the week

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as McAfee, SafeNet and ExtraHop

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