Asset Tracking Management

Easily Know and Track Customer Assets

What is Asset Tracking Management?

Smart Asset Tracking Management is an essential component of many business processes and case management which relates a particular asset to a customer, employee, or user.

This may be in the form of products, services, devices, or physical assets pertaining to the service industry.

Asset Management is integrated with and built on the Eccentex Smart Unified Digital Business Platform.

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Why is Asset Tracking Management Important?

Asset Tracking Management is typically critical when working on a case with a customer or user to understand any related details pertaining to the asset, such as products, services, devices or physical assets.

This increases worker productivity and customer satisfaction as it enhances the complete Customer 360 view and any related assets.

Understand the life-cycle of assets for each customer or across all customers or specific customer segments.  Know which assets are where in the asset life-cycle and increase customer service or discover sales opportunities.

Customer Testimonials

Having a centralized repository for all information has been extremely helpful. We can easily find information and can generate letters and reports quickly and consistently

Jim Smith



Easily Adapt to any Business Asset Type

No matter what type of business, adapting to specifics of any Asset Type is easy without the need of any technical support or lengthy release cycle.  Everything from products, services, devices or physical assets can easily be configured versus coded and related to a customer or user.

Optimize Usage of Business Assets

Gain powerful insights and trends with reporting and predictive analytics about which assets may be more popular than others, have the most defects, require the most technical support, or simply an active inventory of all assets utilized by customers or employees, including an assessment of Total Asset Value.

Predictive Analytics can help understand which assets may be likely to be profitable or incur costs to the organization.  This allows organizations to focus efforts to capitalize on opportunities or reduce costs where needed.

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