Smart Analytics & Business Intelligence

Transform your data to provide relevant insights with powerful data business activity monitoring visualizations and smart analytics

What is Smart?

Smart is the terminology we use that leverages technologies such as:

  • Business Intelligence Statistical Analytics to discover trends, insights and opportunities
  • Monitor business activity and overall business performance
  • Predictive Modeling and Analytics to perform “What If” analysis and future predictions based on historical data trends
  • Machine Learning to adapt as data changes
  • Deep Machine Learning to solve complex algorithms with Neural Network technology
  • Big Data to handle large volumes
  • In-Memory Big Data to perform analysis as fast as possible
  • These technologies are subsets of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and can also be referred to as Smart AI

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BPM-Platform Based Case Management
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Creating stunning visualizations and reports

Quickly introduce embedded visual dashboards, interactive reporting and powerful Business Intelligence (BI) analytics inside your Digital Business applications to empower your customers to gain deeper insight into their application data.  Our BI solutions are designed to let you control as little or as much BI functionality that your customers need.

What Our Customers Are Saying

We could get a full overview over the department activities and load

James Collins

We could analyze entire market with the help of our rich report engine

Lisa Witham

Easily Embed BI and Analytics In Your App

Deliver stunning interactive reports in your app with the BI Embedded service.

Easily embed visual dashboards, charts, graphs, and data into your Smart Digital Business applications.

Predict the Future

Your big data is only as good as your ability to use it to predict, create a plan, and act on it. What product should you recommend for purchase right now? Is fraud being attempted? Which machine needs maintenance to avoid a stoppage? What improvements can you make to extend product life? Who’s in danger of cardiac arrest?  You need a Smart Digital Business Platform.

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