Continuous Integration

When you have multiple systems but everybody thinks that you got only one

What is Continuous Integration?

Continuous Integration is the process of Continuous Testing and Deployment by bringing together components, modules, applications, services, and data into a single system, cooperating to act as a coordinated whole.

Eccentex Smart Unified Digital Business Platform enables rapid safe Continuous Testing, Deployment and Integration with ease, utilizing sophisticated version control and the ability to make changes to applications, business processes, rules, forms, screens with automated testing and deployment.

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BPM-Platform Based Case Management
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Built-In Integration Adaptors
  • Genesys
  • Interactive Intelligence
  • SalesForce
  • Sharepoint
  • Slack
  • Trim
  • Twilio
  • Partners
  • Easily Add More

Put everything in one box - brilliant

Rose Behlendorf

We had 3 different system to handle - now we got all this data in one place

Mark Lombard

Solve Problems Quickly

Continuous Integration brings multiple benefits to your organization:

  • Say goodbye to long and difficult integrations with testing and deployment automation
  • Increase visibility of the testing and integration by enabling greater communication
  • Catch issues early and nip them in the bud
  • Spend less time debugging and more time adding features
  • Build a solid working foundation and evolve rapidly
  • Stop waiting to find out if your code’s going to work
  • Reduce integration problems allowing you to deliver software more rapidly
Accelerate your Digital Transformation

Continuous Integration is core to the Eccentex Digital Business Platform which accelerates your Digital Transformation of your business.  Rapidly deliver modern business apps that empower personnel and provide innovative superior Customer Experiences.

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