Smart Digital Business Platform

Accelerate Digital Transformation and Automation with a platform that is designed for innovation and change

What is a Smart Digital Business Platform?

KEY CHALLENGE:  Native digital companies are disrupting entire markets with smart innovative superior customer engagement and service.  To outperform competition, your business must be smarter.

THE SOLUTION:  Create unique ways to stand out.  Accelerate delivery of smart innovative superior customer journey experiences, optimize business operations, reduce costs and increase revenue.

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Modernize Your Customer Experience

Eccentex Unified Smart Digital Business Platform powered by Eccentex AppBase ® enables Omni-Channel and Omni-Process Management, Dynamic Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Dynamic Case Management (DCM) and Enterprise Content and Document Management (ECM) to produce a seamless customer journey across all the different devices and customer touch-points.  All key activities are delivered through Customer 360-degree View and gives a unique overview of all your customers’ activities, every contact, communications, and interactions to produce the following benefits:

  • Know your customer – Get greater insight into your customers to know them better and increase customer satisfaction, lower costs, and increase revenue
  • Analyze customer behaviors – Ability to discover opportunities and understand a customer’s past behavior, past purchase trends, interaction preferences, overall history and their propensity to buy new goods and services
  • Cross-channel marketing – Ability to enable cross-channel marketing strategies and increase revenue
  • Retain your customers – Create superior Customer Experiences to build strong loyal relationships and communicate on their preferred omni-channel

Having a centralized repository for all information has been extremely helpful. We can easily find information and can generate letters and reports quickly and consistently


The i-Sight solution streamlines our operations because it automatically assigns a case number and allows us to quickly assign files out to individual investigators

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Optimize Your Business Processes

With Eccentex Smart Digital Business Platform, companies in industries across the board have the power to transform innovative ideas into working solution by having an ability to create quick prototypes that evolve into rapid ability to build and deploy modern Smart Digital Business applications that create superior Customer Experiences by optimizing business processes with the ability to continue to monitor and safely implement improvements in real-time.

  • Prototype. Transform your idea into a working prototype. Share and collaborate with others.  Rapidy evolve your prototype into modern Digital Business applications
  • Build and Deploy. Create and deploy modern Digital Business applications that work on any device and any channel
  • Optimize. Implement the most cost effective innovative customer-centric business processes that create superior Customer Experiences
  • Automate.  Use Robotic Process Automation or RPA to automate tasks and free up Knowledge Workers to perform higher value tasks
  • Change.  Accelerate Digital Business Transformation and safely make application changes in real-time without any interruptions to business service
Accelerate Custom App Development By 10x

Now more than ever, companies and organizations in industries across the board have the power to innovate.  How?  By rapidly building modern Digital Business custom applications!

Eccentex Unified Smart Digital Business Platform has everything you need to build or modify custom modern Digital Business apps 10x faster than traditional application development practices.  Eccentex delivers rapid app creation with following benefits:

  • Predictive Analytics and Business Intelligence enhances experiences and operations
  • Powerful Microservice architecture
  • Dynamic Case Management and BPM at the core
  • Configure to Change with Low-Code development environment
  • Jump start success with reusable template applications, components and services
  • Ability to accelerate and adapt to change safely in real-time
  • Unified platform with robust integration services
  • Flexible Enterprise hosting options for Public, Private or Hybrid cloud

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