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What Is Dynamic Case Management Software?

Dynamic Case Management (DCM) software solutions are knowledge-intensive and require knowledge workers or automated robots to coordinate tasks, processes and services to achieve a positive outcome and resolution. They require a large degree of flexibility and adaptability to process the case.

DCM solutions are “apps for knowledge workers” that combine business process task based workflow, integrated document and content management, business rules to enforce policies, knowledge base and collaboration tools to help manage both humans and robots together.  DCM is built on a Unified Smart Digital Business Platform to collectively enable and empower the efficient completion of an entire case or unit of work to achieve a positive outcome and resolution that increases customer satisfaction. Instead of following a predefined rigid structured process as is typical in Business Process Management (BPM) solutions, DCM empowers users to adapt to changing work requirements and perform tasks needed to resolve and complete a case. All powered by Eccentex AppBase ®.

Every company follows business processes to ensure that work gets completed efficiently and effectively to each organization’s specific standards and policies. These range from simple to complex processes that may be automated or performed manually.  These workflow processes can be categorized as either structured or unstructured processes. DCM technology delivers agile solutions that are quickly configured and deployed to support both structured and dynamic unstructured business processes, changing the way knowledge workers Get Work Done.

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New Better Way to Process Work

The Dynamic Case Management (DCM) software solution built on the Unified Digital Business Platform from Eccentex, brings together customer information, business workflow processes and people to provide a comprehensive view of all your cases.  Design, configure and deploy a DCM application that meets your case processing needs, regardless of the complexity.  Comprehensive visual building tools enable powerful process management, advanced document management with a powerful business rules engine to help your knowledge workers resolve cases more efficiently.

Automate routine tasks with Robotic Process Automation or RPA and free up knowledge workers to perform higher value tasks.  RPA can also help knowledge workers perform complex activities that reduces errors, improves productivity, and increases customer experiences.

Bellow you can find some three areas of DCM use cases:

Investigative Service Requests Incident Management
Risk and compliance Customer onboarding Complaint management
e-Discovery Loan origination Dispute resolution
Fraud Investigation Claim processing Patient medical record
Technology  governance High value proposals Quality management
Audit requests Underwriting Emergency response
  Customer service Incidents
  Negotiation Acute healthcare
Success Customer's Stories

We are very excited that we made updates for our processes without IT department involvement

Mark Lingerman

We are able to print our process workflow and present these screenshots on demo sessions

Eva Gallagher

Visual Case Designer

Cases can follow a predefined or unpredictable path to resolution.  Easily design re-usable cases that can dynamically split into multiple cases, join back together, hop to ad-hoc activities for exception handling, or even initiate other process task workflows.  Assign case tasks to individual people or work pools for different teams, roles, or skills.  For even finer control, easily attach visual rules to workflow events to track history, notify supervisors or escalate overdue cases.

Create as many workflows as you need with advanced security on which roles can do what along a case life-cycle. The Visual Workflow Process Builder helps organize a complex process with drag-and-drop tools and multiple process layers. Use the Visual Routing Builder to automatically route cases based on criteria of any complexity.

Key Features :

The Eccentex DCM Platform provides an integrated unified set of tools and features that enables agile design capabilities built for Business Users and Analysts to help reduce time to market with rapid application updates to ever-changing environments, regulations and policies.

  • Case Type Visual Builder lets you Configure to Change and create re-usable Case Types which contain all the necessary case components to adapt to any type of case
  • Full integrated Document Management and Content Management to scan/capture with OCR, store, organize, search and view documents and content related to a case
  • Process and Task Visual Builders enables advanced Dynamic Case Management of milestones, processes and tasks with intelligent decisions and automation of any event or case interactions
  • Form Visual Builders lets you easily create new Case Forms to capture and view specific case structured and unstructured data, documents, content, service integrations, collaboration, communications, and status
  • True Omni Channel Support for Phone, IVR, e-mail, fax, messaging (text/chat), social, and any integration services
  • Dashboard Visual Builder allows powerful design of Visual Dashboards that provide Business Intelligence of case metrics and predictive analytics to optimize work processes
  • Powerful Security Controls for administering case users’ roles, teams, skills and access permissions to case types, processes, data, components, and services
  • Full case history and audit of all sources of case events and interactions
  • Gives workers the control and insight they need to work faster and more effectively
  • Holistic 360-degree case view provides real-time access to documents, structured data, unstructured data like video and social media and more, filtered to provide the right information at the right time
  • Customer 360-degree view of all customer cases, tasks and interactions with the customer providing current and historic status of all cases
  • Easy Integration Services extends Eccentex single interface design with tight integration to capture, perform analytics, comply with governance, enforce policies, comply with regulations, enable mobile connectivity, integrate with other system or cloud deployments and non-Eccentex repositories
  • Jump start your DCM solution with a growing portfolio of Industry-specific Solutions available in the Eccentex Marketplace and an advanced network of Eccentex Case Management Business Partners
  • Empower worker mobility with Case Manager Mobile App, which provides mobile case workers with the flexibility to surface the right content and action to make the right decisions, whenever and wherever they are

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