Customer 360

Understand Your Customer to Maximize Satisfaction and Increase Revenue

What is Customer 360?

Customer 360 is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) best practice which aims at improving the relationship with existing customers, finding new prospective customers, and winning back former customers. One of the core tenants of CRM is to have a holistic “360 degree” view of all customer interactions and information that is easily accessible by the business or organization.  Eccentex solutions operate on a seamless platform which contains Customer 360 degree views across all applications and business processes that interact with the customer, improving quality of service to maximize customer satisfaction and increase revenue.

Customer 360 views provides quick access to valuable information that is found in all customer related conversations, emails, historical notes and past interaction history.

Increase opportunity management with the ability to understand the scope of potential future revenue or cost savings and determine where coaching or additional focus needs to be directed.

Customer 360 is integrated to and built with the Eccentex Smart Unified Digital Business Platform.

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Custom Views for All Type of Customers

You are able to configure your solution to meet a wide variety of different industry business processes, no matter how complex these processes or requirements may be.  Depending on the type of business and process, a customer may be represented as a user, employee, worker, agent, citizen, constituent, contact, prospect, partner, participant, external party, or other terminology specific to each business.

There is no need to call technical support to make changes in your process or endure long wait times until the system is updated. Just drag and drop objects on a custom form view model and everybody will see and use your brand new process with one click of the Save button.

Our CRM is so flexible, that you could use drag and drop only, or write any kind of specific rules to handle any complex process.

We are very excited that we made updates for our processes without IT department involvement

Mark Lingerman

We are able to print our process workflow and present these screenshots on demo sessions

Eva Gallagher

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Business owners, Sales, and Service Management requires understanding on where future business potential opportunity can come from.

The sharing of customer data between different applications and departments enables the business or organization to work as a single team.  This is better than functioning as an isolated entity and will help increase the company’s profitability by enabling better quality service to customers.

Customer 360 will give you insight about the most profitable customer groups or areas to improve service and quality.  Using this information you will be able to target similar prospective groups with the best approach to increase customer satisfaction and revenue or service quality.

Increase Revenue by Understanding Customer Behavior

The benefit of Customer 360 applications is that they handle a complex component of the marketing Return On Investment (ROI) puzzle for you.

Because your customer and sales or service information is housed in one place, organizations have automatic access to a full range of reports and predictive analytics providing key insights into behavior trends regarding which products or services are selling and who’s buying them.

Discover opportunities to gain a clearer picture of the sales or service pipeline itself.  How is it working?  Where are the snags?  Which staff member is the most productive?  Customer 360 centralized information gives you powerful predictive behavior analytic and reporting tools to make smarter business decisions that would be difficult and costly to replicate in isolated stand-alone systems.

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