Knowledge Management

Communicating Important Information Widely and Quickly

Better and Faster Decision Making

By delivering relevant information at the time of need through information structure, search, subscription, syndication, and support, a knowledge management environment can provide the basis for making good decisions and empower knowledge workers to resolve requests faster to improve Customer Experience.  Predictive search and analytics can deliver more relevant contextual information.

Collaboration brings the power of large numbers, diverse opinions, and varied experience to bear when decisions need to be made.

The reuse of knowledge in repositories allows decisions to be based on actual experience, large sample sizes, and practical lessons learned.

Knowledge Management is integrated with and built upon the Eccentex Smart Unified Digital Business Platform.

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Making it Easy to Find Relevant Information and Resources

Integrated Knowledge Base is easy to access and use. Most people are used to the internet so navigation is simple and there’s no need for specialist software when you need to update any of the information.

A Knowledge Base also makes it easier to find information, because each article or document can be tagged according to a particular category or categories making searches find more relevant contextual information.

And as your company develops and grows, your knowledge base can develop and grow with it.

Customer Testimonials

Having a centralized repository for all information has been extremely helpful. We can easily find information and can generate letters and reports quickly and consistently

Alex S

Knowledge is Power


The integrated Knowledge Base improved worker productivity and increased customer satisfaction!

Jim P

Improve Customer Service

Many customers actually prefer to be able to go into the self-service Knowledge Base and learn what they need to know.  It’s fast, easy, convenient, available 24/7 and it helps to keep the customer focused on problem solving versus complaining.  That means that company will decrease amount of incoming phone calls and e-mails, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce costs.

Demonstrating to potential and current customers that you have widespread expertise and have ways of bringing it to bear for their benefit can help convince them to start or continue doing business with you.

Searches are enhanced with rating tools as your organization will form the most popular questions list, which will allow you to rapidly provide information for your customers.

Drive Traffic to Your Website

A good online Knowledge Base helps to drive traffic to your website, making it excellent for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ratings to increase revenue or improve customer service.

By providing your customers with useful, valuable content that’s difficult to track down elsewhere, they will recognize your value and return repeatedly to your website.

Improve customer engagement with your brand and increase the time people spend on your website with the potential to provide integrated targeted marketing along with Knowledge Base information.

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