ServiceJourney Connector

Service Journey with Genesys

Eccentex ServiceJourney is an omnichannel customer service platform that is deeply integrated with Genesys

Never miss an email

Capture, triage and automate large volumes of emails across all your brands.

Inform your customers

Surface actionable knowledge articles most relevant to the customer’s journey.

Resolve every case

Go beyond simple ticketing with end-to-end case and task management.

Achieve a 360° customer view

Give agents a 360° view of the customer – tailored for service teams.

Seamless integration to Genesys

ServiceJourney is an AppFoundry Premium App that screen-pops the customer to an agent directly in the Genesys Workspace – eliminating the need for them to jump between applications. 

Customizable to fit your service teams

Easily tailor ServiceJourney to work for you. Enrich the customer profile with external data, set up workflows for every type of request, add as many form fields as you’d like, and more.

True omnichannel, not just multichannel

Make it easy for customers to engage with your business, where and when it’s right for them. Channels are connected so conversations are seamless, agents are more productive, and information can be shared across your company — all without losing focus.

A financial institution sees a 20% drop in disputes with ServiceJourney

The company uses ServiceJourney to drive excellence in customer care, streamlining customer service with case management that connects the front, middle and back-office.

How to get ServiceJourney for Genesys

If you are already using Genesys, you can get ServiceJourney through the Genesys AppFoundry. Or connect with experts at Eccentex to discuss industry challenges and how to unlock your potential.
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Get an instant overview of every request

With a single click, agents quickly access the information they need to resolve customer requests. View account details, see steps taken, and what needs to be done next.

Increase visibility with dashboards

Real-time dashboards for contact center supervisors. Gain insights into where customer requests stand, bottlenecks, your team’s performance, and more.


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