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Meet Max

MAX incorporates image recognition and optical character recognition (OCR) algorithms and machine learning capabilities to see the screen and interact with an application just as a person would.

Requiring zero integration, MAX works with any business application (Citrix, legacy, desktop, and web based) and can execute cross-application processes. As an open platform, MAX can also integrate with your database as well as interface with underlying platforms.

MAX works together with humans.  Eccentex Digital Business Platform helps you achieve Process Automation Excellence.  To Learn More, read our Free Process Automation Excellence Whitpaper.

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Significant ROI

– Accelerate creating innovative superior customer experiences
– Manage both human and robotic work processes in one platform
– Smart AI to optimize processes and personalize experiences
– Easiest configurable no-code, low-code Dynamic Case Management (DCM) RPA solutions
– Jump start success with comprehensive app library of templates
– Efficient Business Processes = Big ROI
– Continuously innovate and disrupt your competition

Managing Both Humans and Robots Together

It can be confusing with so many evolutions of Process Automation.  We help each business to assess where they are in their Process Automation Excellence maturity level.   If you are ready to combine the latest evolution of DCM, BPM/DPA, RPA, and AI all together in one unified Digital Business Platform, then you are ahead of your competition.  You are ready to disrupt your competition with innovation, accelerate your Digital Transformation, and wow your customers with superior experiences across all interactions with your business.  Read our free Process Automation Excellence Whitepaper to learn how your business can benefit.

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