Eccentex releases the ServiceJourney Suite for seamless customer service

Jun 1, 2020

Eccentex today announced the official release of their ServiceJourney Suite. The ServiceJourney Suite combines the award-winning Eccentex AppBase® Platform with additional customer service.

Automating the customer journey, despite increasing complexity and rising end-customer expectations, remains a problem for companies and governments. Most large organizations have implemented a patchwork of contact center infrastructure to handle interactions, business process management to handle journeys, as well as customer relationship management systems to try to create a customer engagement center but they remain burdened by the lack of integration, the difficulty in making changes, and the requirement for expensive professional services.

Alex Stein, CEO of Eccentex announced during a recent webinar that “by delivering a single solution that provides the ability to design, deploy, and evolve services that automate journeys as well as integrating tightly with the contact center infrastructure and CRM solutions, Eccentex has delivered the industry’s only journey-centric solution for customer service”.


With ServiceJourney, customer service teams can take advantage of many features including:

  • Dynamic Case Management: Orchestrates consistent and accurate resolutions every time with cases that can adapt to diverse and unpredictable situations.
  • Business Process Management: Boosts efficiency and transparency across multiple channels and organization silos by automating work when possible, deferring to human judgment when required.
  • Operational CRM: Captures all data, journeys, processes, and events about the customer and uses them to drive positive outcomes with exceptional customer experience.
  • Master Data Management: Removes data silos by easily configuring data models that provide accurate and complete information about customers, products, assets, core data and more.
  • Self-Service & Portal: Reduces cost and provides convenience by giving customers access to the information and actions they seek.
  • Employee Management: Makes sure the right people are equipped for the job by getting a complete view of a work force and their performance.
  • Robotics & Automation: Reduces manual labor and mistakes by automating routine tasks, optimizing complex decisions, and bridging systems.
  • Tracking & Audit: Improves compliance with internal and regulatory bodies, identifies ways to improve case resolution and provides the complete picture of how a case was resolved.
  • Advanced Content Management: Gives case workers easy access to all the emails, paper documents and digital files necessary to make decisions and resolve cases.
  • Email Capture & Automation: Captures emails from multiple addresses and automatically acknowledges, prioritizes, and assigns them to the right people.
  • Dashboard & Reporting: Maintains situational awareness and identifies ways to improve customer satisfaction and employee performance.
  • Collaboration & Teams: Provides quick and accurate resolutions by enabling employees to work together on resolving the more complex cases.
  • Omnichannel: Delivers a unified customer experience with award-winning engagement partners, predictive AI, intelligent workforce management and more.
  • Proactive Engagement: Enables proactive engagement and communications from both the front-office and back-office, engaging the customer at every step of the journey on their preferred channel.
  • Knowledge Base: Helps employees and customers help themselves by making sure content is organized, accessible and easy to manage.
  • Calendar & Appointments: Organizes events and meetings with colleagues, customers, and teams in relation to specific cases.
  • No-Code Features: Empowers front-line, business professionals to continuously improve the system without relying on IT departments.
  • Low-Code Features: Lets technical business users or IT customize even more with simple scripts and advanced configuration options without getting into the weeds.
  • Deep-Code Features: Unleashes the innovators with true developer-level tools using industry-standard programming languages and paradigms.

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About Eccentex

Eccentex delivers software for customer service, customer journey automation and back-office automation. Eccentex’ s flexible, cloud-architected software – built on its unified AppBase Platform – empowers people to rapidly deploy and easily extend and change applications to meet strategic business needs.

Over its history, Eccentex has delivered award-winning capabilities in case management and business process automation (BPM) powered by robotic automation and advanced document management, to help the world’s leading brands and governments achieve breakthrough results.


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