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AppBase is the foundation beneath Eccentex – powering next-gen business apps across your organization.

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Case Management

Efficiently capture, process, and resolve all types of cases – even complex ones.


Stay agile with intuitive tools to build modern, unique business apps.

Document Workflows

Generate documents, capture emails and digitize paper forms.

Process Automation

Automate routine tasks, streamline decisions and integrate systems.

Why choose AppBase?

Case-centric Work

Not just another app builder, but a true low-code platform for case management.

Handles Simple to Complex

Single platform to deliver quick-win apps and enterprise-wide solutions.

Fast ROI turnaround

Built for organizations that can’t wait years to get things done.

Low-Code App Development (LCAP)

Accelerate innovation with visual design tools

AppBase gives business users, developers and IT powerful tools to build business applications fast. Visual design tools empower non-technical users to iterate rapidly, while still allowing developers to add custom code when needed.


Unify all workflows on a single screen

Stop users from jumping between multiple siloed software systems to get their job done. AppBase lets you design the perfect user experience by bringing together all data, actions, and people onto a single screen. 


Modernize without stopping business

AppBase seamlessly integrates with your existing core systems, apps and custom logic – providing you with an easy path to digital transformation. 


Free employees to focus on what's important

End-to-end automation and intelligent bots eliminate repetitive tasks – helping you to maximize efficiency. AppBase has enterprise-grade tools to offload manual work, even if your organization is complex. 

Your Low-Code Roadmap

Deploy the most urgent solution needs quickly. Then scale up additional processes with enterprise-grade configuration tools.

Step 1


MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

Start by modernizing a simpler process that would have a high business value through digital transformation. This can involve automating a manual process or bringing data onto one screen.

Step 2


Enhance the app with more automation, bring data in from other sources and add more case types. This is a good place to see which legacy apps can be slowly decommissioned.

Aim to release improvements every 60 to 90 days.

Step 3


Organizations that unify on a single platform are more agile and see a higher ROI.

Use AppBase to release new products, offer more services, expand to digital channels or streamline your back-office.

Eccentex | Low-Code Platform

"We wanted a secure case management system that would match our business aspirations. The platform enables us to effectively deliver our services today, and meets our future needs because it's fully flexible and scalable."

Rhys West, CEO
FairWay Resolution

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