About Eccentex

We’re here to make your life simpler 

We believe in simplifying your work so your employees can focus on what matters; providing the most engaging and rewarding customer experience possible. That’s who we are.


The Eccentex management team is made up of savvy entrepreneurs and industry experts, bringing decades of experience to a young company. They cultivate our strong culture and work tirelessly to help our team scale, grow, and succeed.

Alex Stein

Alex Stein

CEO, Founder

An expert in business process automation, Alex has a strong track record of successful business leadership, building organizations that have achieve, and sustained, long-term growth and profitability.

Burr Dalton

Burr Dalton


Burr has facilitated or launched the growth of multiple technology-driven businesses, leading corporate finance, accounting and legal activities as well as raising capital both institutional and individual investors.

Len Tokar

Len Tokar

Executive VP, Founder

Len has 20 years of experience in technology delivery and meeting clients’ unique needs. Len is responsible for driving company operations to ensure that business processes are efficient and effective.

Sergii Maksymenko

Sergii Maksymenko


Sergii has spent the last nine years leading, building, and operating the most rewarding projects for Eccentex’s long-established customers. Along the way he has created new products and features as well as established the policies and practices for Eccentex’s IT core.

Maksim (Max) Gill

Maksim (Max) Gill

VP of Product

Max came from developing pattern mining algorithms at UCLA Neurology to heading Eccentex’s DCM product line. He is passionate about enabling line-of-business professionals to innovate on a daily basis without relying on expensive technical teams.

Jim Pierce

Jim Pierce

VP of Customer Success

As a career CTO, Jim drives Digital Business Transformation strategy for Eccentex solutions that provide clients with superior innovative customer experiences and efficient automated business processes.

John Cunningham

John Cunningham

Director of Energy and Utilities

Over four decades, John has C-Level expertise in Tech, Operations, Strategy, Sales, and Marketing for EDS and Unisys as well as CIO and GM roles in large Utilities. Also with key Telco, Manufacturing, and Finance experience, his focus is applying Eccentex Solutions to these verticals through Strategic Partner Alliances.

Diane Chaskey

Diane Chaskey

Director of Public Sector Solutions

Diane worked as a senior staff member in New York State government in organizational transformation, business solution strategy, and process governance, before joining Eccentex. She believes the key to successful solution implementation lies in partnering with customers to utilize a holistic approach to fully understand business needs and collaboratively strategizing those needs into innovative solutions.


We’re all in this together


We value our customer’s individual identities as much as our own employees’. No one is alike, that’s why we don’t offer “cookie cutter” solutions for our customers.


Full visibility into one’s environment shouldn’t be an option. Being transparent is at our company’s, and product’s, foundation so we can continue to help fuel your success.


We are focused on driving your business, employees, and customers forward, by continuously striving to lift up our customers, and team, to continue growing.


Everyone has views and ideas worth sharing. We celebrate our differences and invite varying perspectives that lead us to produce industry disruptive innovations.


More of something is not always the answer. From our product to the strategies we use to solve customer problems, our goal is to make your work as simple and easy as possible.

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Omnichannel customer service

Extend service beyond the contact center and scale by connecting people, functions and systems

Low-code app development

Deliver enterprise-grade apps quickly and accelerate innovation, increase agility and improve productivity

Customer Stories

Emergency Response - Ukraine

Eccentex is proud to work with key cities in Ukraine, supporting their emergency medical call center operations.

Customer Stories

Customer Service

A large financial services company reduced their call center costs and reduced disputes.



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