Eccentex Leverages Omnichannel to Help Retailers Proactively Schedule Patients for the COVID-19 Vaccine

Mar 22, 2021

LOS ANGELESMarch 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Eccentex, a leading low-code platform and omnichannel software company, announced a Dynamic Case Management add-on for the Genesys Vaccine Rapid Response Solution, designed to help Health Delivery Organizations (HDOs) quickly administer COVID-19 vaccines. This solution addresses vaccine management challenges at scale by removing logistical barriers that make it difficult to schedule and follow-up with patients.

“The only way we return to normal is with the vaccine,” said Alex Stein, CEO of Eccentex. “The medical and scientific achievements that got us to this point have been tremendous, now it is time for the world to make the next step towards normalcy.”

Many HDOs current vaccination scheduling systems and processes are being challenged by the scale and complexity of the COVID-19 vaccine administration; largely due to the need of a second dose and low-temperature storage. Existing online booking systems risk failing to keep up with demand, leading to wasted vaccines and call centers overrun with inquiries that frustrate employees and patients.

Ensuring equitable access, especially for underserved and vulnerable groups, is a major concern for vaccination programs. Communication must be clear and sensitive to each patient’s preference (including voice, text, app, social, etc.), while also allowing them to effortlessly switch between channels throughout their journey. As HDOs begin to streamline channels to ensure long-term sustainability in resource-constrained environments, they must adopt a digitally enabled, omnichannel approach that maximizes engagement for vaccine administration programs. Successful vaccine administration campaigns rely on proactive consumer engagement throughout the process, including:

  • Spreading awareness
  • Vaccine safety, efficacy, importance, and availability information
  • Eligibility assessments
  • Vaccine scheduling and administration
  • Post-vaccination follow-up

The Vaccine Rapid Response solution is hosted on Genesys Cloud™ and can include digital tools such as AI-driven chatbots, voice, messaging, email management, self-service, call recording, and notifications to service consumer inquiries at massive scale. Eccentex’s AppBase Platform, powered by Microsoft Azure, provides an optional advanced case management component for scheduling, notifications, “waitlists” and record keeping. The Eccentex component is seamlessly integrated with the Genesys Cloud and Engage platform to provide front-office workers a unified view to support patients, back-office to follow-up on more complex inquires, and automation to reduce manual tasks.

Our partnership with Genesys on Vaccine Rapid Response,” said Maksim Gill, VP Product at Eccentex, “would provide end-to-end visibility of the patient’s journey to getting a vaccine. The inherent flexibility of both Genesys and AppBase ensures organizations can quickly deploy and adapt the solution to the workflows that work best for them.”

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