ServiceJourney for Genesys CX

Unify all your customer service data, workflows and teams onto a single fully integrated platform

Our most popular capabilities

Customer Workflows

Capture, triage and automate customer requests from any channel.

Customer 360

Turbocharge CX with a 360° view of the customer – tailored for any service teams.

Email Help Desk

Advanced features, such as cherry picking, applied to large volumes of emails across all brands or inboxes.

Knowledge Management

Surface the most relevant and actionable knowledge articles to the customer’s journey.

Why Genesys users choose ServiceJourney

Seamless Genesys integration

Instantly screen-pop an intelligent view of the customer right inside of Genesys. No more jumping between scattered tools.

Lowers cost of service

Automates common service tasks and assists agents with more complex cases – all on a single platform.

Fastest ROI

ServiceJourney is fast to deploy and highly configurable with low-code; empowering organizations to continuously innovate.

Service CRM

Complete customer service inside Genesys

With a single click, agents can quickly access the information and tools they need to resolve customer requests. View account details, see steps taken, and what needs to be done next.

Case Management

Go beyond simple ticketing

End-to-end case management automates and streamlines diverse service requests across your teams. Connect people, systems and processes to ensure every request is resolved – even if it goes beyond the contact center.

Dashboards & Analytics

Increase visibility with actionable data

Real-time dashboards for contact center supervisors. Gain insights into where customer requests stand, bottlenecks, your team’s performance, and more.

Trusted by leaders worldwide

Eccentex | Low-Code Platform
Eccentex | Low-Code Platform

A financial institution sees a 20% drop in complaints with ServiceJourney

The company uses Eccentex to drive excellence in customer care, streamlining customer service with dynamic case management that connects the front, middle and back-office.


AppFoundry Listing

ServiceJourney is also available from the Genesys AppFoundry as a Premium App.

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