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Case Management for Appraisal Appeals

A comprehensive solution for handling thousands of litigations on a single platform.
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Don’t let legacy technology
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Departments that handle appraisal lawsuits and arbitrations face the unique challenge of simultaneously processing hundreds of protest matters at once. Are these problems holding you back?

Case data is spread out between isolated litigation systems, Excel/Access files, emails and shared folders.

Routine tasks like writing a common correspondence or pulling data from Property Tax Systems is done by hand.

Managers lack tools and real-time visibility to orchestrate work across multiple cases at once.

Drive digital transformation with an appeals case management application designed specifically for appraisal and assessor offices. Put matters in the hands of the right people at the right time by connecting teams, functions and systems across your organization.

Unite the entire case onto a single screen

Collect, track, and surface all the information you need during the intake, processing, and resolution of a case. Securely access it from home, the office, or even in court.

Unified case information
  • Critical information is comprehensibly visible on a single screen, while details such as case notes, court data, documents, offers, discovery requests, amendments, and evidence are intuitively organized in tabs.
  • Combine with data from external sources such as county databases or billing systems.
Involved parties, entities and their relationships
  • Track everyone assigned to and associated with a case, such as attorneys, judges and mediators and more.
  • Get a historical view of all cases a person or entity were involved in.
  • Maintain a comprehensive database of people, entities and their relationships to each other.
CAMA/GIS integration
  • Bring-in current and historical tax parcel data and display it inside the case.
  • Automatically push value changes back to the CAMA system after a settlement has been agreed upon.
Scheduling, calendaring and deadlines
  • Schedule external legal events or internal activities right inside a case. Avoid conflicts by layering individual people’s calendars on top of the main case calendar.
  • Synchronize individual and departmental calendars with Office 365. Meetings, deadlines, events, and tasks will automatically populate, so that everyone can manage their day efficiently.

Gain control over the case work

Eliminate the need for manual hand-offs by taking a truly dynamic approach to workflow and automation.

  • Eliminate emails and sticky notes by assigning tasks and automatically notifying people of upcoming deadlines.
  • Support the dynamic nature of legal case work with parallel, ad-hoc, repeatable and optional tasks.
  • Ensure employees complete tasks correctly with built-in instructions, forms and validation rules.
Work assignment
  • Assign work manually to people and teams, or have the system automatically find the most appropriate task owner based on configurable rules.
  • Remind stakeholders of upcoming deadlines and automatically escalate tasks if they are significantly past-due.
Duplicate and linked cases
  • Automatically identify duplicate cases and gain insights from previous cases with similarities.
  • Group multiple cases together for easier tracking or create sub-cases to handle more complex situations.
  • Schedule court events and arbitrations for mulitple related cases at once.
Dashboards and reporting
  • Keep employees organized with purpose-built dashboards that show tasks to complete, case notifications, and scheduled events.
  • Provide managers with real-time visibility into case workflows across teams, district courts and the entire organization.
  • Design reports specific to your organization and share them with stakeholders on a regular basis.
Eccentex | Low-Code Platform

"We wanted a system for multiple users to have the ability to quickly access and process a substantial amount of data from one centralized database in real time. Eccentex designed a secure case management system which has enabled us to manage the litigation process more efficiently and streamline operations."

Harris County Appraisal District

Avoid chasing down documents and emails

Collect and organize all documents, emails, evidence, discovery and notes into a centralized case file and then quickly find them with powerful search functions.

Document management
  • Manage documents and files that are related to a case in one place, intuitively organized by category.
  • Search documents, even by content, within a specific case or across the entire organization.
Automatic letter, document and packet generation
  • Reduce manual work by automatically populating letters, forms and documents with a single click or automatically as the case progresses.
  • Download entire case packets that contain pertinent information, and all files and generated documents.
Document scanning and text recognition (OCR)
  • Capture paper documents by scanning them directly into a case or in large batches to index them later.
  • Convert scanned forms and documents into searchable text using the built-in OCR engine.
  • Send emails from inside a case, and all responses (with attachments) are automatically organized into threads.
  • Capture all inbound emails and automatically channel them into an open case or an indexing pool.
  • Generate emails from templates to avoid repeatedly writing the same email body.

Boost employee productivity

Make it easy for employees to navigate complex cases and make it easy for them to get what they need, when they need it.

Powerful search
  • Instantly find cases by multiple litigation fields, parcels, property owners or even people involved.
  • Add any number of custom fields specific to the way you work on cases and then easily search by those fields.
  • Find the needle-in-the-haystack by searching for keywords inside documents or emails.
Bulk updates
  • Streamline mass litigation by updating fields in multiple cases at once, pushing them further through a workflow or assigning tasks. Also schedule events for multiple cases.
  • Scan or upload bundles of documents pertaining to different matters and then quickly index them to the right cases.
  • Bring the right knowledgeable staff together with comprehensive case notes and case discussions that help eliminate the need for unmanaged emails.
  • Request an expert opinion from a different department by searching across the entire organization for someone with a specific skill set or experience.
Automation & integration
  • Reduce manual labor and mistakes by automating repetitive tasks, optimizing complex decisions, and integrating systems.
  • Automate the execution of actions based on court provided data, and easily manage business rules and data values.
  • Display data from multiple sources inside the case and execute actions in other internal or external systems.
Knowledge Management
  • Empowers employees with well-organized knowledge spaces that are fresh, updated, and useful for everyone.

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