Document Workflow

Automatically capture, scan, and process files from multiple channels right onto your system.


54% of office professionals have said that they spend more time searching for files across numerous online file systems than responding to emails and messages.


  • Employees waste time searching for files stored on shared drives, personal folders, phones and emails.
  • Standard contracts and letters are drafted with copy-paste instead of generated with pre-filled content.
  • Too many repetitive tasks due to lack of automation and integration.


AppBase and ServiceJourney both come with enterprise-grade document management that gives employees instant access to all case-related and customer-related content. Plus, automation tools to improve productivity.


Designed for case management

Documents are automatically linked to cases and tasks, not just another shared folder.

Reduced manual work

Automation and workflows remove repetitive tasks and eliminate errors.

Better compliance

Legal files, evidence and communications are centrally managed and access-controlled.

Case Documents

All case documents at your fingertips

Give your team instant access to the files and documents related to their work – eliminating time wasted searching across file shares and emails.


Bots for organizing content instantly

Apply artificial intelligence to unstructured data to automate and extract information. Route documents into the right cases, notify stakeholders and assist them in the next steps.


Turbocharge the work in your workflow

Workflow automation lets you eliminate repeated work – from simple tasks to sophisticated processes. With extensive triggers and bots, you can streamline approvals, standardize customer onboarding and accelerate reviews. 

Full Text Search

Find files fast - even paper documents

Each user has specific document permissions that allows them to find the documents they need quickly. Search the contents of PDFs, Word, scanned documents and more.

Features your team will love

Everything you need to run your service department

Enterprise-Grade Search

Search for all mentions of a specific phrase or customer across all documents and emails.

Large File Support

Upload and download large video files, massive documents and multi-layered CAD files.

Workflow Automation

Manage all document related processes from manual approvals to automated reminders.

Case Management

Keeps files organized in cases and tasks instead of complex shared folders.


Limit access to documents based on permissions and relevance to their work.

Email Capture

Capture emails, their attachments and metadata, and then auto-index them.

Document Templates

Generate Word documents, emails, PDFs, and other content using internal and external data.

Document Annotations

Online support for annotating, redacting, commenting and stamping PDFs.


Character Recognition (OCR)

Convert hand-filled forms or images into searchable documents that can recognize forms, read hand-writing and auto-index.

High-Volume Barcoding

Scan multi-page documents right into a case or leverage high-volume scanning by separating packets with barcodes.

Enterprise-grade content management

Customers choose Eccentex because it’s the power they want with the flexibility they need.

Easy connectivity

Quickly connect Eccentex apps to external systems – sync data, invoke actions and deploy custom APIs.

Power to scale

Execute your strategy on a platform that can handle global scale and volumes, powered by our Microsoft Azure cloud.

Flexible setup

Powerful low-code tools that non-technical people love combined with developer-level extensibility to meet exact needs.

OpenText ready

Use Eccentex alongside OpenText so you can centrally access case documents that reside in different repositories.

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