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Today Eccentex releases a new version of HyperAutomation Cloud with innovative features that improves efficiency, agility and customer satisfaction.

This outstanding achievement reflects the company’s commitment to innovation, customer satisfaction, and sustained success in a dynamic market.

The significant surge in recurring revenue is a testament to Eccentex’s dedication to deliver cutting-edge solutions and services that resonate with our clients expectations. As businesses are facing evolving challenges globally, Eccentex remains at the forefront providing robust and adaptable solutions that meet the diverse needs of our clientele.

The new release of HyperAutomation Cloud includes three key features.

#1 – The Solution Inventor AI now extended with 3 new skills that significantly improves user experiences and productivity:

  • Eccentex AI is now able to generate multi-level data models for CRM Parties that enables HAC users to define and maintain multi-level MDM schemas (for example if the CRM account is a B2B Telecommunication Provider, their record may contain all of their accounts, contracts and activities, etc.)
  • Enablement of multi-level data model for Case Management Parties now supports HAC users to handle data beyond customer accounts (for example if the CRM account is a Vendor, their record may contain all of their products, sales activities, recent complaints, etc.)
  • Eccentex AI is now able to generate multi-level data for Multi-Domain MDMs. A Multi-domain MDM manages the different types of master data in one centralized instance. MDM ensures that master data always remain consistent, accurate and complete that includes the whole CX ecosystem. As an extension to MDM, the Multi-domain MDM integrating the separated data management domains into a single system that expands the power and benefits of the solution and decreasing the complexity of data administration practices significantly.

“The new release of Eccentex HyperAutomation Cloud extends our platform capabilities with new AI assisted productivity features and tighten our already strong integration with Genesys Cloud CX.” — Maksim Gill – Eccentex VP of Products

#2 – The Rule Engine of HAC now allows business analysts to configure even complex rules without writing a single line of code. This release also increases the system agility and improves the engine productivity while ensuring easiness of use.

#3 – As part of the new release, Eccentex HyperAutomation Cloud is now equipped with new-generation rich text editor for internal and external communication, which is lot more intuitive and convenient to use. This release comes with optional features like company-owned spell check integration that ensures the data never goes through a public cloud service. This is feature is especially important for companies that turn off Chrome’s native spell check feature because they don’t want customer data to be sent to the Google public services.

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