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Omnichannel Citizen Services

Resolve constituents’ problems on any channel

Solution Overview

Omnichannel Citizen Services helps government agencies to integrate public data to support their clients critical life change decisions and actions. Solution provides customer lifecycle & service request management as well as trouble ticket management based on TT category, sub category, SLA and interaction management.

The solution omnichannel capability able to handle IVR calls, emails, CSRs, and integrated with IN, provisioning and SMS gateways.  Solution helps easily find cases and their attached data. This solution also provides ability to configure and track valuable electronic information assets like electronic citizen records.

The major Problem(s) citizens are facing with

For example, after a natural disaster, citizens seeking for support to acquire fast high-quality and reliable government services about transportation, utilities, housing, schooling and more in order to make educated decisions where to turn for help.

How the solution address these issues

The Solution helps citizens to find information and supports government agents to get the right information to the right people at the right time in a secure manner that protects privacy and improves citizen experiences.

Eccentex | Low-Code Platform

Why should Government Services choose Eccentex?


Enables Agents to have more complete picture of the citizen and their situation while they evaluating their cases


Government agents can get acces data across various systems through a single click without need to leave their workspace.


The system is tightly integrated with leading CCaaS platforms to support seamless omnichannel communication with citizens

Low-code / No-code Platform

The solution built on a Low-code / No-code platform tht equipped with intutive visivig application builders to speed up development and eliminates the need of programming.

Business users can design and configure their processes and automation scenarios without intensive IT support. 


  • Supports end-to-end digital processes
  • Digitize customer data and attach documents
  • Support digital communication (SMS, EMAIL, SOCIAL)
  • Sharing digital assets with access control


  • Support knowledge capture and shared knowledge development
  • Pupping up recommendations based on keywords
  • Allows multimedia attached article management


  • Fair Load Balancing between the available resources
  • Push or Pull based distribution to skill(s) or department
  • Prioritization based on urgency, severity, SLA or business value

Embedded Fraud Investigation

The system is actively enforcing process compliance and reports or fraudent cases automatically.

It prevents data leak, miscommunication and  inconsystent process execution and flag suspiciours transactions with time stamp and detailed autit trail.


  • Handling multiple citizen data sources simultaneously
  • Access to 3rd party and other homegrown systems through a single unified desktop
  • Detect missing or inconsys data


  • Same workspace environment for all agents 
  • Dynamic Screen Layout with active pop up windows
  • Ability to fetch and push data across multiple source systems in real-time


  • Access based on role
  • Access based on authority
  • Time limited access
  • Restricted / partial access

Historic and Intraday Reporting

The system is equipped with widget based Dynamic Dashboards for comprehensive reporting. 

Users can configure their own view of data and can set their own tresholds to get alerts about the most important metrics such as SLA breaches, missed dedlines or unresolved cases.

List of all product / solution features

Short description of the main feature(s)

SLA Management

Designed for citizen centric case operations at high volumes and demands

Hosting of choice

Modern Cloud architecture that can fit your particular hosting needs

APIs & Interoperability

Connect systems across your entire organization and with external agencies

Regulatory Compliance

Compliant with relevant regulations and government frameworks


Top-notch security validated by leading third party penetration tests

Integrated to GIS

Connects to GIS services like ESRI ArcGIS, Google Maps, OpenStreemMaps and more


Support both employees and citizens in the language their choice


Drag-and-drop development and configuration interfaces to minimize IT support needs

Key Capabilities

  • Omnichannel Communication Support
  • Unified Desktop for all Agents
  • Multi Level Data Acces Control
  • Embedded Compliance and Fraud Management
  • Low-Code / No-Code Development platform
  • Automated Task Distribution
  • SLA Management / Enforcement
  • Compliant with Data Security and Privacy standards
  • Embedded Knowledge Orchestration
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Multi-language support
  • Embedded Electronic Document Management

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