Low-code app development

Deploy the most urgent solution needs quickly — then scale up additional processes with enterprise-grade configuration tools.

Stay ahead with a platform that unites all the capabilities required to deliver seamless, end-to-end apps across your entire enterprise.

Build exactly what you need. Fast.

Quickly adapt to business demands

Deliver more than simple apps

Decrease cost, increase automation


By 2023, over 50% of medium to large enterprises will have adopted an LCAP as one of their strategic application platforms.

“Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms” - September 20, 2020

Modernize your legacy apps on a single platform

With the AppBase low-code platform, you can build and deploy apps faster than you thought possible. Take advantage of visual design tools, feature-rich widgets, and ability for developers to easily add custom code or functionality to any app created with low code. 

Low-code features

Allow non-technical business users to configure applications with visual drag-and-drop tools and guard rails.

Modern UX

Configure information-rich pages from feature-rich blocks, custom fields, actions, security profiles and custom widgets.

Organization-wide data

Extend or create data models specific to your business, such as products, services, vendors and accounts.

Flexible extensibility

Unleash the innovators with true developer tools using industry-standard programming languages and paradigms.

Drive productivity with automation

Orchestrate multiple business processes — straight-through, human-assisted or dynamic case management — across multiple channels and organization silos. Leverage business rules to automate any step and connect with almost any system, database or cloud service.

Case management

Bring together the people, data and processes needed to resolve a case, adapting to diverse and unpredictable situations.


Visually model your business workflow with manual and automatic steps that can have their own actions, SLAs, and validations.


Reduce manual labor and mistakes by automating repetitive tasks, optimizing complex decisions, and bridging systems.


Configure APIs for other systems to consume data and business logic, integrate your databases or any others core systems.

Delight customers on their preferred channels

Today’s consumers demand services according to their individual preferences whenever, wherever and however they interact. Deliver fast and accurate service whether it’s sending a simple email, showing a complete customer profile to agents, or providing personalized next-best-actions. 


Provide consistent, context-aware service even as customers switch between phone, email, SMS, chat and social.

Proactive Engagement

Engage the customer at every step of the journey whether it’s a reminder, follow-up or an opportunity to build brand loyalty.

Customer 360

Show a 360-degree view of the customer over time and across all channels, journeys and touchpoints.

Self-service & portal

Reduce cost and provide convenience by giving customers access to the information and actions they seek.

We wanted a secure case management system that would match our business aspirations. The platform enables us to effectively deliver our services today, and meets our future needs because it's fully flexible and scalable.

Rhys West, CEO - FairWay Resolution
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