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Smart Knowledge Base

A single source of truth that promotes self-service and empowers your employees

Single source of true shared across all teams

Eccentex Smart Knowledge Base helps customers find answers on their own, guide agents, and share a single source of truth across all departments.

The problem

Content is often scattered across team-owned knowledge bases, PDFs and employees’ “tribal knowledge.” Not only does this inhibit your customers’ ability to find information but makes it increasingly difficult for AI, chatbots and employees to suggest articles to them.

The solution

Eccentex Smart Knowledge Base is a HyperAutomation Cloud application for creating, consolidating, and promoting content to your customers and employees. It also works as a stand-alone solution or can be integrated into your contact center, CRM and service desk software.

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Why Smart Knowledge Base?

Promotes customers self-service

With easy-to-find answers, your customers will solve problems themselves reducing the number of tickets or calls you have to answer.

Shortens call-handling time

Help agents keep conversations short and accurate with knowledge that’s served directly from inside your contact center software.

Speeds up onboarding

Employees get up-and-running fast with a single place for them to find all the knowledge they need.

Customer Service Knowledge Hub

Ensure customers and agents can quickly find the most useful information by eliminating the need to search multiple locations for content.

Consolidate knowledge sources from different in-house and public knowledge sources in the same format.

Allow team members to capture, create, curate, share knowledge across the organization collaboratively. 


document management

Find and deliver the best available answer as quick as possible

Leverage a powerful set of tools that can help customers help themselves and support your employees to be a CX superstars.

Let your employees feel they know everything about your product and services and enable them with the best answer they can deliver to your customers. 

Automate keyword based Knowledge Pop Ups to instantly support customer service reps during their conversation with the clients.

Create and maintain content with ease

Get started by migrating your legacy knowledge base(s), then continuously enhance knowledge with powerful editors and governance tools.

Consolidate or virtually merge separated knowledge bases by normalizing their appearance on the agent screen without physically move the content to new data bases. Allow the team members to extend and update the knowledge either individually or as part of a knowledge group.




Smart Knowledge Base

Major capabilities you need to create knowledgeable service operation teams


Publish rich content

Provide easily consumable content such as videos, documents and pictures, or go further with custom HTML, CSS and rule-driven content.

Search in real-time

Deep search the entire knowledge base, and not just article titles, thanks to a powerful engine that returns context-aware results.

Integrate everywhere

Embed articles into your customer portal, agent desktop, CRM or ticketing system.

Manage multiple spaces

Centrally manage and brand content for different product lines, departments, audiences and roles.

Build confidence with feedback

Track the performance of each article by allowing readers to rate your content and provide feedback.

Improve with knowledge insights

Identify the most important information, and spot gaps and emerging trends.

Control the article lifecycle

Improve information quality and accuracy with approval workflows, archival policies and knowledge access control.

Create with Microsoft Word

Make it easier for people who prefer a desktop writing experience to create articles with Microsoft Word.

Suggest useful articles

Provide relevant answers based on a customer’s recent transactions, their open tickets and other contextual data.

Screen-pop to agents

Preload the customer’s profile inside the agent workspace overlaid with articles relevant to the agent’s work.

Enterprise-grade knowledge management

Eccentex Smart Knowledge Base is ideal for mid-sized and large organizations that need an end-to-end knowledge management solution that meets unique needs.

High volume

Comprehensive APIs helps utilize your knowledge base in external systems like help desk, chat, CRM and email support.


Support a global audience and worldwide workforce by creating articles in multiple languages.


Customize the look and feel for every one of your brands and products. Automatically serve content under the right context.

CCaaS ready

Boost FCR by suggesting articles during a call or chat, right on the agent’s desktop based on the customer journey. See an example.

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