Platform Capabilities

Build more than simple apps with features that scale with your business needs

Dynamic Case Management

Orchestrate truly consistent and accurate resolutions with cases that adapt to diverse and unpredictable situations.

Case Types

Create any number of case types that have their own workflows, fields, SLAs, and business rules.

Flexible Forms

Add and modify forms that are important for each case type; add validations, field guides, and help messages.

Customer Context

Surface the most relevant and actionable information to employees based on the interaction or work at hand.

Sub-Cases & Linked Cases

Split complex, multi-stage issues into smaller pieces. Keep track of related issues to provide consistent responses.

Custom Milestones

Track simple and complex cases with custom milestones tailored to how each case type should be resolved.

Ad-hoc Tasks

Create unplanned tasks, such as requesting a review or approval, and easily assign them to individuals or teams.

Business Process Management

Boost efficiency and transparency across multiple channels and organization silos by automating work when possible, deferring to human judgment when required.

End-to-end Workflows

Visually model your business workflow with manual and automatic steps that can have their own actions, SLAs, and validations.

Business Rules

Automate assignment & routing, decisions, field calculations and communication with other systems or people.  

Team Inboxes

Track tickets coming from multiple channels and assign them to individuals, teams, departments, or specialized queues.

Smart Assignment

Assign cases and tasks to employees or teams based on their workload, skill set or allow them to pick their own assignments.

Integration & APIs

Send case data to other systems or allow other systems to push, create, update, route, and close work. 

SLA Management

Set deadlines for when a case or specific task needs to be resolved and automatically escalate at-risk items or notify stakeholders.

Service CRM

Capture all data, journeys, processes, and events about your customer and use them to drive positive outcomes with exceptional customer experiences.

Customer 360

Create a unified view of your customer that shows all their cases, interactions, appointments and internal or external data. 

Account Hierarchy

Organize customers, departments, accounts, and contacts into parent-child views and link them to cases.

Custom Data Models

Extend or create data models specific to your business, such as products, assets, vendors, accounts, and so on. 

Connect to Data Sources

Show and use data from other sources such as point-of-sale systems, product databases, mainframes, or marketing platforms.

Two-Way Data Sync

Maintain up-to-date information for use by all your software and offer company-wide, cross-channel customer experiences.                    

System of Record

Use the operational CRM as the single-source-of-truth that other systems can reference, update, and query.

Data Management

Remove data silos by easily configuring data models that provide accurate and complete information about your customers, products, assets, core data and more.

Multi-level Data

Create true-to-life data models with tables, parent-child relationships, many-to-many linking and drill down views.

Data Model Builder

Visually define your tables, columns, and relationships; then automatically generate configurable forms, pages, and search screens.

Data Change Actions

Automatically notify employees or other systems when data changes and prevent actions that can lead to data corruption.

Form & Page Builders

Drag-and-drop simple textboxes, complex formula fields, editable grids for child data, tabs, and conditional logic.

Open Data Model

Data models deploy as real tables, columns, and foreign keys in the database, making them transparent to other systems.

Search Builder

Create pre-built filters by drag-and-dropping columns and search fields that query across case types, people, and related data objects.

Document Management

Give case workers easy access to all the emails, paper documents, and digital files necessary to make decisions and resolve cases.

Document Management

Feature-rich file management with file versioning, indexing, conversion, and online viewing.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Convert hand-filled forms or images into searchable documents that can recognize forms, read hand-writing and auto-index.

Full Text Search (FTS)

Search for all mentions of a specific phrase or customer involvement across all cases, people, records, documents, and emails

Document Generation

Generate Word documents, emails, PDFs, and other content using internal and external data.

Scanning and Barcoding

Scan multi-page documents right into a case or leverage high-volume scanning by separating packets with barcodes.

Document Annotations

Online support for annotating, redacting, commenting and stamping PDFs as well as converting files to PDFs.

Email Capture & Automation

Capture emails from multiple addresses and automatically acknowledge, prioritize, and assign them to the right people.


Convert your emails into new cases or attach them to existing cases, bringing all attachments with them.

Auto Indexing & Tagging

Automatically link emails to the correct customer, react to content and notify employees of important events.

Context-Aware Conversations

Email customers back-and-forth from different cases, their replies automatically attach to the correct threads.

Email Template Builder

Design context-aware email templates that can consume data from the case, customer, employee, and external systems.

Trigger Emails & SMS

Automatically email customers about their cases, notify employees of changes and schedule periodic reminders.

Secure Connectors

Capture from and reply using your existing email boxes by utilizing secure standards such as IMAP, or Microsoft 365 Graph API.

Dashboards & Reporting

Maintain situational awareness and discover ways to improve customer satisfaction and employee performance.

Real-time Dashboards

Configure role-based, visually appealing dashboards or create custom ones with internal or external data.  

Curated & Custom Reports

Leverage built-in reports to help you track important data, visually design your own PDF reports or export data sets to Excel.

AppBase Business Intelligence (BI)

Use advanced reporting and dashboarding with powerful predictive, AI-driven analytics to gain better business insights.

Scheduled Reports

Schedule reports to be generated periodically and be sent to your inbox and move complicated analysis to off-peak times.

Open Data Model

Easily analyze solution data with your in-house reporting tools by traversing real tables, columns, foreign keys and views.

KPI Tracking

Track important metrics for how well cases are resolved, how productive employees are and how effective new initiatives are.

Collaboration & Teams

Provide quick and accurate resolutions by enabling your employees to work together on resolving more complex cases.

Case Discussions

Ask peers for their expertise resolving a case by posting questions or ideas; inviting people to participate in forum-like discussions.

Case Parties

Clearly see all employees and external parties involved in resolving a case, invite others to participate in different capacities.

Automatic Notifications

Automatically notify employees of changes to their cases by email or SMS, or assign follow-up tasks in their inboxes.

Ad-hoc Tasks

Create unplanned tasks such as requesting a review or approval and easily assign them to individual people or teams.

Case Notes

Take notes while working on a case to communicate internally with others and notify them of updates to cases.

Self-Service & Portal

Reduce costs and provide convenience by giving customers access to the information and actions they seek.

Portal Forms

Embed forms inside your portal for customers to create or update cases and update or see statuses of existing ones.

External Users

Give limited access to partners and consultants to upload additional documents or update their cases.

Public Knowledge Base

Embed your knowledge base into your website, making it completely open or limited to select customers.

Integration & APIs

Connect your mobile app and existing portal with comprehensive APIs and the ability to create new APIs. 

Employee Management

Make sure the right people are equipped for the job by getting a complete view of your work force and their performance.

Employee 360

Create a unified view of your employees to show all their cases, interactions, appointments, and data from other systems. 

Teams, Skills & Roles

Assign employees to various teams, skills and roles that automatically give them access to team inboxes and drive auto-assignment. 

Organizational Chart

Generate org charts for your organization that can be used for HR purposes, case assignment, or to manage escalation paths.

HR Workflows & Data Models

Model employee onboarding, complaints, and reviews with the same flexibility as you would for customers.

Employee APIs & Integration

Enrich the employee profile with data from other systems and automate onboarding & offboarding requests to related systems. 

HR Knowledge Bases

Create knowledge spaces for your employees about HR policies or job-specific knowledge that departments can own.

Robotics & Automation

Reduce manual labor and mistakes by automating routine tasks, optimizing complex decisions, and bridging systems.

Form Pre-Fill

Automatically pre-fill new case forms with customer info, data from other systems and interaction details.

Scheduled Jobs

Schedule resource-heavy scripts to execute during off-peak times for data sync, mass emails, and archival and custom business logic.

Folder Monitoring

Monitor folders on shared network drives and react when new files are uploaded, such as parsing and importing new data.

Events & Triggers

Attach automation rules practically anywhere including CRM data changes, case updates and employee events.

Custom REST APIs

Expose existing APIs or create new APIs that execute practically any functionality from auto-creating a case to merging documents.

Tracking & Audit

Stay compliant with internal and regulatory bodies, discover ways to improve case resolution and get the complete picture if you ever want to review how a case was processed.

Full History

Track every detail of how a case was resolved, who was involved, when and how long everything took and what went wrong.

Time Tracking

Log the time employees spent on handling cases and related work; get better insight into employee performance.

Aggregated Notes

See an aggregated view of notes, comments and forums, discussions from the case and any involved tasks.

Automation Transparency

Keep a clear track of every automated decision that the system made by seeing inputs, outputs and actions taken.

Security & System Events

Track every action a user has taken including logins, searches, documents they’ve viewed or touched data, in anyway.

Omnichannel with Genesys

Deliver a unified customer experience with award-winning engagement, predictive AI, intelligent workforce management and more.

Interaction Screen-Pop

Show an agent the complete customer view, highlight their open cases and next-best-actions related to the interaction context.

Genesys Cloud, Engage & Connect

Seamless integration with the entire Genesys product line in cloud and on-premise, including Engage iWD.

Smart “Caller” Recognition

Organize all contact info in the Operational CRM and use it to automatically identify who an agent is working with, across all channels.

True Omni-Channel

Provide consistent, context-aware service even as customers switch between phone, email, SMS, chat and social.

Single-Screen Workspace

Unified UI allows agents to create cases, follow-up on existing ones, wrap-up and more without leaving the Genesys desktop.

AI Bots

Train Genesys AI to help customers on their open issues, let them create new cases or update existing ones using Voice. Chat and SMS Bots.  

Proactive Engagement

Enable proactive engagement and communications from both the front-office and back-office, engaging the customer at every step of the journey via their preferred channel.

Case Management Conversations

Engage customers throughout their entire case management journey, across all channels and case types.

Agent Assisted AI

Engage with customers using AI and hand off parts of the conversation to a live agent when needed.

Proactive Engagement

Increase online sales and improve loyalty by proactively engaging customers with suggestions or reminders.


Fold all conversations with a customer across all channels and cases into a single dialogue.

Modernize Communications

Expand how you engage with customers whether it’s through new channels, new self-service options or cultural trends.

Expanded Self-Service

Let customers schedule call backs and appointments, complete tasks, sign documents, and engage along their journey.

Knowledge Base

Help employees and customers help themselves by making sure content is organized, accessible and easy to manage.

Knowledge Spaces

Separate knowledge into different product lines, departments, customer segments and roles.  

Article Recommendations

Suggest articles that may help an employee resolve a case based on content, people involved and historical data.

Public or Internal Spaces

Create knowledge spaces for your internal staff, external partners, logged-in customers or completely open it to the public.

Bot Assisted Self-Service

Knowledge can be presented using Genesys Chat and SMS Bots to help customers help themselves, with an agent always ready to assist.

Rich Content

Include YouTube, videos, documents and pictures in your articles or go further with HTML, CSS and business rules.

Article Lifecycle Management

Instantly publish articles or go through a formal lifecycle process with drafts, publishing and expirations.

Calendar & Appointments

Easily organize events and meetings with colleagues, customers, and teams in relation to specific cases.

Scheduling Dashboard

See a bird’s eye view of a team or person’s calendar and schedule appointments, follow-ups, and case deadlines.

Sync with Office 365

Connect to personal or group calendars in Office 365 and sync appointments to avoid overbooking or double-booking.

Team Calendars

Manage calendars for individual people or entire teams, each can manage their own availability and holidays.

Appointments Reminders

Set up SMS or email alerts of upcoming appointments and notify people if something is rescheduled or cancelled. 

Calendar APIs & Integration

Let other systems manage appointments or send scheduling information to other booking systems. 

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