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Revolutionize your enterprise analytics

Advanced Analytics by Eccentex

Eccentex BI is a comprehensive add-on set of business tools that brings advanced analytics, dashboards, and insights to your mission-critical solutions – empowering every user with true business intelligence. 

Break down data silos by connecting and blending solution data across your enterprise; from core application through 3rd party integrations to on-premise databases.

Sample of Business Benefits

Data Visualization

Get deeper insights with flexible charts like pivot tables, heatmaps, funnels, geographical plots, and much more.

Collaboration & Monitoring

Publish dashboards across teams or share with specific co-workers through permanent links, email or screenshots.

Data Exploration

Forecast future trends and patterns with built-in time series forecasting, smoothing, rolling averages and seasonality adjustment.

Business Intelligence for Enterprises

Businesses depend on having the right information at the right time. But line-of-business teams often struggle making sense of the massive amounts of data within their applications without business-friendly tools. They either rely on complicated spreadsheets or wait until a centralized data teams delivers them hard-coded reports.

Eccentex BI turns every team into a data team. It’s self-service and automated analytics addresses common challenges businesses face when democratizing data access, such as security concerns, data availability, and lack of real-time access and collaboration.

Easy access to business analytics

Business users can get easy access to real-time analytics data through intuitive widget-based dashboards that are highly flexible and personalized for each use-case.

Leveraging our low-code design capabilities enables Eccentex BI data to be consumed by all employees without technical skills. Similarly, advanced users or business analysts can dive deeper into the data with pro-code tools.

Eccentex BI Core Features

Custom Reports

Build dashboards from scratch and customize them with metric you want and decide how you want to view them.

Scheduled Reports

Provide a snapshot of a dashboard and send it by email along with a link that enables recipients to log in and explore it directly in their browser.

Drag-and-Drop Designer

Create free-form dashboards in any grid or layout then create engaging experiences by adding headers, text, images, URLs and more.

Multiple Data Sources

Get the full picture by blending in-platform results with a variety of data sources like SQL and NoSQL databases, spreadsheets, and data warehouses.

Self-Service BI

Enable users to create personal or shareable dashboards using only data they are authorized to use.

Semantic Layer

Expand and maintain trusted, curated datasets with human-friendly names and “last miles transformations” that will help non-technical teams build better visualizations.

SQL Editor

Explore your data using SQL and rapidly iterate through queries, which can be shared among users and used across visualizations. 

Predictive Analytics

Forecast future trends and patterns with built-in time series forecasting, smoothing, rolling averages and seasonality adjustment. 

Dashboard Sharing

Publish dashboards across teams or share with specific co-workers through permanent links, email or screenshots.

Curated Data Sets

Define views with isolation keys to filter analysis and results to only the segments of data that users need to see.

Role-based Access Control (RBAC)

Manage who has access to which datasets, dashboards, standard actions and admin tasks with preconfigured and custom roles.

Row Level Security (RLS)

Exert a granular level of control over who can query and view specific datasets and records. 

Real-time monitoring and insights

Eccentex BI connected to the advanced reporting and real-time dashboards of the HyperAutomation Cloud Platform that enables organizations to track case performance, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions. Define custom KPIs and derive business-specific insights. 

This comprehensive set of analytics tools enables business users to collect, augment, post-process, and analyze data coming from multiple systems or data sources. Enable business analysts with a widget-based unified dashboard experience that can combine real-time and historic data. 

Eccentex HyperAutomation Cloud provides data around the customer journey across self-service, front and back-office processes. This case-related data can be combined with real-time engagement insights to ensure the Customer 360 view across different business units and process. 

Enterprise-grade analytics

Customers chooses Eccentex BI because it’s the power they want with the flexibility they need.


Quickly connect Eccentex apps to external systems – sync data, invoke actions and deploy custom APIs.


Execute your strategy on a platform that can extend to a global scale and volumes, powered by HyperAutomation Cloud.


Leverage the power of the low-code platform  that enables non-technical people to develop business applications easily.


Optimize workflows and processes, leverage federated AI services and use data and analytics tools to improve productivity.


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