Do you use Genesys? See how ServiceJourney can elevate your CX to new levels!


Customer Workflows

Extend service beyond the contact center and scale operations by automating work across departments.


From address changes to fraud disputes – every company has workflows that can start from any channel and involve multiple service teams.


  • Employees rely on legacy ticketing apps, siloed core systems and manual tasks that slow them down.
  • Customers lose trust in a brand because their “simple problems” take too long to resolve.
  • Companies lack a platform that can provide both quick wins and long-term transformation.


ServiceJourney tracks and orchestrates customer workflows across all service teams – connecting systems and breaking silos. It automatically resolves simple customer requests and empowers employees to better handle the more complex ones.

And it’s all done on a unified platform that delivers fast ROI with continuous innovation.

Connecting Your Digital Workflows

Omnichannel + Automation + Integration

Eccentex | Low-Code Platform

Proactive Care

Auto-trigger workflows and notify customers

Eccentex | Low-Code Platform

Self Service

Initiate and resolve with portals and chatbots

Front Office

Deliver personalized care and fast answers

Back Office

Fulfill tasks beyond the contact center

Eccentex | Low-Code Platform

Local Office

Enable frontline teams to give in-person service

Unified Desktop


Drive employee productivity

Customer service workflows often involve repetitive steps, tedious data entry and jumping between apps. Heavy time consumation and mistakes are common.

ServiceJourney automates these manual tasks – ensuring employees spend their time doing things that actually require a human touch.


Support channel switching

Eliminating the need for customers to repeat themselves can turn frustrating moments into positive experiences.

Build loyalty with consistent, personalized service even as customers jump between phone, email, SMS, chat and social.

Case Management

Resolve customer issues faster

With ServiceJourney, every customer request is managed, prioritized, triaged, escalated and tracked.

Powerful features to guide agents and back-office employees through even complex processes – improving speed, accuracy and compliance.


Measure your digital transformation

Supervisors can use hundreds of metrics and dimensions to observe and report on First Call Resolution (FCR), bottlenecks, SLA compliance and other KPIs across touchpoints.

ServiceJourney data is clear and structured – making it easy to gain insights with our analytics tools or by connecting the data to your existing ones.

Features your team will love

Everything you need to run your service department.

Eccentex | Low-Code Platform

Case Management

Manage workflows with configurable forms, tasks, SLAs, rules and participants.

Case Workspace

View the entire case enriched with customer data, actionable insights and productivity tools. 

Advanced Routing

Automatically assign work to the best employee or team based on rules or their relation with the case.

SLA Management

Set goals and deadlines then automatically escalate or reprioritize at-risk items.

Cross-Team Resolutions

Give agents ongoing visibility into cases assigned to other service teams or the back-office.

Contextual Knowledge

Serve the most relevant guides to the specific case and customer the agent is working with.


Split complex issues into smaller pieces and keep track of their relationships.

Custom Data Models

Model your company’s data – like accounts, contacts, products and their relationships.

Extra Features for Genesys

Interaction Tie In

Connect multiple workflows initiated from the front-office to the original conversation.

Conversation History

Pull the customer’s entire conversation history into the case.

Agent Desktop

Screen-pop the customer profile, their workflows and ability to search without leaving the desktop.

Task Distribution

Increase utilization by screen-popping tasks and work items to idle agents.