Dynamic Case Management platform in the cloud

Resolve cases quickly with the only

The dynamic case management platform from Eccentex leverages information, processes and people to provide a full view of your cases. Design an application that meets your case processing needs, regardless of its complexity. With browser-based building tools, advanced document management and a powerful business rules engine. Help your knowledge workers resolve cases more

efficiently today!

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    Relational Data Modeling
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    Business Logic Rules
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    Roles and Security
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    Reporting and Dashboard
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    Document Management
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    Data Capture
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    Rapid Deployment

Application Studio

Customize Anything

You know that simply changing a few form fields is not enough to meet your case management needs. Powerful wizards help you design a solution specific to your business. Business analysts can visually build case resolution workflows and use drag-and-drop to create visually appealing pages. Even design complex data filters without a single line of code.The entire case management solution is designed in one unified place that lets you create applications of any complexity. Intuitive application building blocks help design and manage application quickly, while more low-level tools help developers create new functionality.  

Business Process

Workflow tailored to Dynamic Case Management

Cases can follow a predefined path or an unpredictable one to resolution. Easily design structured cases that split into multiple cases, join back together, hop to ad-hoc activities for exception handling, or initiate other workflows. Or assign unstructured case tasks to individual people or leverage work pools for different teams or roles. For even finer control, attach rules to workflow events to track history, notify supervisors or escalate overdue cases.


Create as many workflows as you need and place security on which roles can do what along a case’s lifecycle. The Workflow Builder helps organize a complex process with drag-and-drop tools and multiple layers. Use the Routing Builder to automatically route cases based on criteria of any complexity.


Document Management and Content Management

No more paper nightmares

Whether resolving an insurance claim or investigating fraud, document are the cornerstone of any case. Capture and assign documents from emails, scanners or simply upload them. Use the built in Web and Desktop Viewer to make annotations, place signature stamps or redact content. Even send documents through a review workflow.


Built in platform services facilitate working with all kinds of documents. Use check-out/check-in features to manage document versioning when multiple people are working on the same case. Built in OCR and barcoding help automate document indexing, making sure your employees focus on real knowledge work.

Business Rules

Business logic of any complexity

In AppBase rules control everything from updating case information to auto-indexing scanned documents. The Rule Generator wizard makes it easy to introduce complex business logic into your solution. The Rule Builders help manage decision tables and complex data filters. AppBase makes it easy to control every aspect of your application.


Developers can dive into the generated code to create business logic of infinite complexity. AppBase relies on industry-standard languages like PL/SQL and C# and even lets you upload your own DLLs. Additional tools like the Rule Debugger lets you simulate business logic before deploying.



Don’t reinvent the wheel

Eccentex provides a line of prebuilt application templates designed to support business analysts in performing a range of investigative, incident and services-based tasks. AppTemplates come pre-built with support a range of functions that equip field workers with business critical information, and help knowledge workers across industries perform a variety of tasks such as managing claims and performing background checks and investigating fraud cases.


Start building your applications from one of these templates, tailoring them to your business needs. Save time by not having to build the components most common in Dynamic Case Management applications.

Presentation Layer

Pages as complex as your cases

A case can get complex. Very complex. Knowledge workers need to see as much relevant information about a case as possible to resolve it quickly and efficiently. Using the Page Builder a business analyst can piece together complex pages using simple drag-and-drop and built in wizards. Then without even leaving the Page Builder, preview how it will look live with real data in your system.


The Page Builder generates industry-standard markup that a developer can then easily modify to achieve pages of any complexity. Have your page execute custom rules, use your own JavaScript libraries or your company’s CSS. Drag-and-drop creates cross-browser, HTML5-compliant pages so you get the same look-and-feel for all your users.


Capture Channels

No more missing documents

Eccentex is big on documents. AppBase can monitor email addresses and folders to capture their contents and make cases out of them or append them to existing cases. Or use a built in Desktop Document Viewer to scan barcode-separated pages that will automatically separate into individual documents and get indexed. Incoming information gets stored in our powerful Content Management System that other services of the platform have access to.


Apply business rules to all incoming information so that it gets processed specific to your business needs. You can leverage our OCR features along with full-text search to easily search across all incoming data.


Enterprise-grade role based security

AppBase makes it incredibly easy to manage access rights to any part of your applications. Assign roles to different tasks in a case and hide sensitive information from certain roles. Even set which pages and data a portal user can see. Assign a user multiple roles or assign roles to entire groups of people at once. AppBase can also integrate with your Active Directory.



Use what you need and what you have

AppBase comes with lots of bundled, tightly integrated technologies that makes building an end-to-end Dynamic Case Management solution a breeze. AppBase has full RESTful support so that your other systems can easily integrate with your application, both directions. Have your company’s mobile app create cases in AppBase or use a third-party BPM engine if our workflow doesn’t meet your needs.

Application Lifecycle

True enterprise applications

AppBase is an enterprise-ready platform that is easily scalable. Simply being a cloud based PaaS ensures a level of security and uptime that other platforms can’t compete with. And out powerful multi-environment approach allows you to continue adding new features to your applications without affecting your people’s work.