One of the biggest challenges of companies today is how to keep up with ever-changing customer needs. Time is a critical factor, because if you are not fast enough your competitors can easily attract your most valued customers, simply because you are not able to meet their requirements. To react quickly to your customer needs and implement new processes that can support them, you need systems that are agile enough to adopt the necessary changes in the shortest possible time. I mean in a couple weeks or days, instead of months.  

A no code development platform can deliver this flexibility. These types of development tools allow business users to create applications without writing any code. With a visual interface, users drag-and-drop elements to create their applications, process steps, forms, etc. No code development is quickly becoming a standard among many software vendors as it offers significant benefits for businesses, such as the following:

Faster time to market

No code development tools can help companies get their applications to market faster, as there is no need to hire a team of developers to write code. This saves businesses a significant amount of time, especially since it allows non-technical users and business analysts to instantly make and apply changes to processes without the need for IT support.

Reduced development costs

No code development tools can also help businesses reduce their development costs. Because there is no need to pay for highly skilled and expensive developers, users can design and deploy their own applications with ease.

Increased flexibility

Allow for a flexible development process due to users being able to easily make their applications without having to wait for the often pre-booked IT developer resources. These tools can be helpful for businesses that need to be able to adapt the changes on their business processes or need to develop a new or modify an existing application quickly to react to the market changes or adopt new compliance policies.

No Code Examples

Here are some examples of how companies can use no code development tools to save time and money:

  • A large enterprise retailer used a no code development platform to create a chatbot that could answer customer questions. This saved the company the cost of hiring a team of developers to create the chatbot, hiring more call center agents, and it also allowed the company to quickly deploy the chatbot to its customers.
  • A mid-sized local bank used no code development tools to create a knowledge base that could be used by its customers to find answers to their questions. This saved the company the cost of hiring a developer and it also allowed the company to quickly update the knowledge base themselves as new information became available.
  • An insurance company created a customer feedback form with a no code platform. All necessary web forms were built in a few minutes and allowed them to collect customer feedback quickly and easily, which helped the company to improve its customer service scores.

These are just a few examples of how companies are using no code development tools to save time and money. As no code methodology continues to evolve, we can expect to see even more businesses adopt this technology to help them achieve their business goals.

Thinking About No Code?

If you are considering using a no code development platform for your business, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Not all no-code platforms are created equal. You may need to specify your mission critical goals first then perform educated research to find a platform that fits your needs.
  • No code development tools are not a replacement for traditional coding. If you need to create complex applications or need to automate sophisticated processes, you may still need to develop additional functionality by writing code. However, there are platforms on the market that can support multiple development methods at the same time. In this case you can flexibly chose which development tools you are using for what purposes. No need to purchase separated software tools to satisfy all your development needs.
  • No code development platform can be a great way to get started with quick and agile application development. However, as your needs grow, you may need a platform that can support all development methodologies from no code to low code and even deep code to save time whenever possible but not give up the flexibility to develop some custom solutions if needed.

Overall, no code development can be a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes. By leveraging its power, organizations can save time and money, improve their customer service, quickly automate their business processes, and empower their employees.

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Michael Rapoport, Digital Marketing Manager