AppBase for Insurance

Elevate the policyholder experience and protect your members’ health, property, and business with AppBase solutions.

Modern insurance under one platform

Personalized Sales

Help sales reps have more meaningful conversations with a 360-degree member view; surfacing individualized offers that’s based on their marketing, sales and support data.

Member Support

Encourage self-service with proactive, personalized support that predicts the member’s needs. Offer seamless service and a completely branded experience as they move to live channels.

Accelerated Underwriting

A single view of required underwriting information from all sources and complete tracking of the decisioning process, resulting in more accurate evaluation and pricing of risk.

Fraud Investigations

Open and resolve cases by enabling investigators to assess details and complex information in a collaborative and structured solution.

Complaint Resolution

Diligently remediate a bad member experience by routing them to an agent most skilled for the job, then prevent it from happening again with case management.


Streamline behind-the-scene workflows to ensure institutions are on-boarded, employee needs are fulfilled and physical locations are well maintained.

Resolve member issues end-to-end

Improve service operations by providing full visibility to the front, middle, and back offices. Give your employees the ability to solve customer problems before they happen.

Digitize workflows with case management

You’re only as good as the tools you use. Connect all data systems and apply business process rules to digitize operations and allow your underwriters to deliver better results for customers.

Modernize on a single platform

Build flexible enterprise-grade apps that streamline digital operations, leverage your data to create engaging customer experiences, automate repetitive tasks, and more.

Don’t let legacy technology
slow you down

Companies that handle quoting, claims and underwriting face the unique challenge of simultaneously handling thousands of member requests every day. Are the problems below holding you back?

Member data is spread out between isolated core systems, Excel/Access files, emails and shared folders.

Routine tasks like writing a common correspondence or pulling data about policies is done by hand.

Managers lack tools and real-time visibility to orchestrate work across multiple processes at once.

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The first step in appeals case management transformation is understanding your existing capabilities along with your vision.



What is “AI” in Customer Service?

Learn by breaking down data siloes is critical in transforming customer experience with AI.

Case Study

Customer Service

A large consumer loan company reduced their call center by 210 FTEs and saved over $3 million.

Case Study

Case Management

See how FairWay Resolution used AppBase to deliver digital transformation during a pandemic.

Omnichannel customer service

Extend service beyond the contact center and scale by connecting people, functions and systems

Low-code app development

Deliver enterprise-grade apps quickly and accelerate innovation, increase agility and improve productivity

Customer Stories


Customer Service

A large financial services company reduced their call center costs and reduced disputes

Customer Stories


Case Management

See how FairWay Resolution used AppBase to deliver digital transformation during a pandemic.



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