AppBase for Retail

Give shoppers and consumers an elevated omnichannel customer experience with retail solutions that fuel your digital transformation

End-to-end customer service under one platform

Personalized Inside Sales

Help sales reps have more meaningful conversations with a 360-degree customer view; surfacing individualized offers that’s based on their marketing, sales and support data.

Customer Support

Encourage self-service with proactive, personalized support that predicts the customer’s needs. Offer seamless service and a completely branded experience on every channel.

Returns Processing

Manage returns efficiently while reducing your processing and logistics costs. Define eligibility & logistics, integrate to billing/order systems and streamline approvals.

Warranty Claims

Let customers and support agents easily validate coverage, submit claims and track the recovery status. Resolve claims with global, regional and local procedures.

Dispute Resolution

Diligently remediate a bad customer experience by routing them to an agent most skilled for the job, then prevent it from happening again with case management.


Streamline behind-the-scene workflows to ensure vendor are on-boarded, employee needs are fulfilled and retail locations are well maintained.

Cater to the omnichannel shopper

Today’s shoppers constantly switch between website, app, and in-store purchasing options. Ensure quality experiences by delivering consistent service across all channels.

Resolve customer issues quickly

Equip agents with order history and customer context to deliver scalable, yet personalized, customer service. Give customers the answers they want and need, now.

Route to the best agent. Globally.

Allow employees to work on what they do best by leveraging analytics to support retail and e-commerce customers, both local and global, across multiple products, languages, and time zones all from one help desk.

Don’t let point-solutions
slow you down

Simple customer requests are easily addressed by self-service tools and automation, meaning that agents must handle the more complex journeys.

Employees lose time tracking down the latest status of a request

Customer data hides inside legacy apps, Excel files and emails

IT struggles to update systems without breaking other ones

Get in touch with pros

The first step in digital transformation is understanding your existing capabilities along with your vision.




What is “AI” in Customer Service?

Learn by breaking down data siloes is critical in transforming customer experience with AI.

Case Study

Customer Service

A large consumer loan company reduced their call center by 210 FTEs and saved over $3 million.

Case Study

Case Management

See how FairWay Resolution used AppBase to deliver digital transformation during a pandemic.

Omnichannel customer service

Extend service beyond the contact center and scale by connecting people, functions and systems

Low-code app development

Deliver enterprise-grade apps quickly and accelerate innovation, increase agility and improve productivity

Customer Stories


Customer Service

A large financial services company reduced their call center costs and reduced disputes

Customer Stories


Case Management

See how FairWay Resolution used AppBase to deliver digital transformation during a pandemic.



See how Genesys and Eccentex provide personalized solutions to complex issues, even if the journey goes beyond the contact center.