Do you use Genesys? See how ServiceJourney can elevate your CX to new levels!


Customer 360

Service-centric customer data view that adapts to the customer’s journey


Giving agents a holistic view of the customer ensures both a personalized CX and a quick resolution.


Customer data resides in multiple siloed sources such as CRM systems, legacy apps, billing databases and spreadsheets.

Customers become frustrated waiting for agents to chase down information and people. Where to look is often a matter of “tribal knowledge” developed over time by a limited number of seasoned employees.


ServiceJourney’s built-in Unified Customer Profile connects customer data across multiple systems and intelligently presents it to the agent on a single screen – highlighting the most relevant information and actions to the customer’s journey. That’s how you achieve a smarter 360-degree view.

Customizable to fit your service teams

Easily tailor ServiceJourney to work for you. Configure email rules, set up auto-replies,
bring in customer data, automate repetitive tasks, and more.

Data Management

Mash up your golden record

Retrieve customer data in real-time across all data sources – be it past purchases, open customer service tickets, recent emails or even portal inquiries.

Then display the unified customer profile on a single screen so your agents don’t need to jump between different systems.

Intelligent UI

Highlighting what matters

Focus attention on the customer information that will help you create engaging experiences. Employees can focus on helping customers instead of wasting time sorting through irrelevant details.

ServiceJourney personalizes the customer profile to maximize outcomes – from alerting agents of a recent account change to suggesting relevant knowledge articles.


Automate repetitive tasks

Make everyone productive by automating manual tasks, and connecting to any system, legacy or API-based, through the simplicity of one platform.

ServiceJourney gives your team a productive user experience. Kick off cross-system workflows with a single button, and watch as it intelligently routes cases to the best employees and auto-complete forms with ease.

Low-Code Configuration

Meet your exact needs

Your customer data and processes, like your business, are unique. Low-code gives you power to go-live quickly and the flexibility to adapt as your needs evolve.

ServiceJourney’s enterprise-grade configuration tools let’s you build data models, visually design workflows, configure business rules and connect to your core systems.

Features your team will love

Everything you need to run your service department

Dynamic Customer View

Context-aware view of important cases, interactions, appointments and internal or external data.

Account Hierarchy

Organize customers, departments, accounts, and contacts into parent-child views.

Emails & Templates

Email customers back-and-forth, their replies are automatically routed to stakeholders. More…

Dashboards & Reporting

Configure role-based, visually appealing dashboards or create custom ones with advanced analytics.

Customer Workflows

Initiate service requests right from the customer view – orchestrating tasks and automating work.

Real-Time Case Progress

Clearly see a customer’s past and open requests, what the next steps are and escalation paths.

Data Modeling

Visually define the customer model, and then configure forms, pages, reports, events and rules.


Connect with your core systems, marketing tools and legacy apps to pull data or automate tasks.

Extra Features for Genesys


Preload the customers profile inside the agent workspace when they accept an interaction.

External Contact Sync

Maintain omnichannel integrity by auto-syncing Genesys External Contacts with ServiceJourney.

Interaction History

Show what actions were taken during every interaction – from agent notes to resulting cases.

Single-Screen Workspace

Create cases, follow-up on existing ones, wrap-up and more without leaving the Genesys dekstop.



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