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Genesys Cloud Migration

Are you struggling to move from Genesys Engage or PureConnect to Genesys Cloud CX?
Here is how we can help.


Eccentex can be considered an enabler to move from Genesys on-premise installation to Genesys Cloud CX experience and has the capability to integrate on-prem and public cloud hosted systems that can work together as an integrated solution. 


  • Mission critical processes often require on-premise or cross cloud integrations and the complexity may not be solved through standard APIs.
  • Data siloes are often hosted by third parties or on external systems which makes the business process integration more complex.
  • Agents require a unified desktop that displays only the most relevant data components that are required to complete their given task.


  • ServiceJourney is already tightly integrated with Genesys Cloud CX so once the business processes are moved from on-premise to cloud, the necessary CCaaS integration is provided out-of-box.
  • This can cover advanced email, knowledge orchestration, and vertical specific process automation use cases as well.
  • Eccentex leverages Genesys dynamic widget framework and fills it with the data that can come from siloed, third-party systems.

Customizable to fit your service teams

Easily tailor ServiceJourney to work for you. Configure email rules, set up auto-replies,
bring in customer data, automate repetitive tasks, and more.

Email Automation

Automate your email handling

Capture, prioritize, classify and distribute incoming emails and automatically create cases from them based on their individual content. 

Dynamic Templates

Create dynamic forms from templates

Our intuitive visual builders enable you to create web forms from re-usable, verticalized templates that can radically speed up your development processes.

Case Management

Go beyond simple workflows

Thanks to the AppBase Low-Code / No-Code Platform, our Dynamic Case Management solution enables you to design, manage and automate your core business processes without extensive IT developments and coding knowledge. 

ServiceJourney Key Features

Everything you need to automate your business processes & customer service

Dynamic Case Management

Combine people, data and automation to solve simple and complex workflows.

Operational CRM

Unify every date point around your customers to provide exceptional customer service.

Email Automation

Convert emails to tickets, then route and automate their resolutions.

Master Data Management

Remove data silos by easily configuring various data models.

Work Distribution

Assign tasks and cases to the most suitable agent or knowledge workers.


Track all your key performance metrics. Identify areas of improvement and fix them.

Document Management

Give case workers easy access to all the emails, paper documents, and digital files necessary to resolve cases.

Self-Service Portal

Reduce costs and provide convenience by giving customers access to the information and actions they seek.



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