Email’s growing popularity

Social media, self-service, text, and chat customer service channels have seen huge improvements in the last few years. However, email is still one of the most used channels by customers. As your email volumes increase, providing quick and consistent personalized service will become more challenging and will offer opportunity for differentiation. Processing emails can be slow and manually intensive, further increasing the customer wait time. This simply doesn’t work for organizations with high volume and SLA-focused, advanced business processes.

There are three key factors contributing to these email issues:

  1. Siloed systems – Email is typically disconnected from backend applications. Initiating work on incoming emails requires agents to manually copy and paste between systems. This leads to agents relying on “tribal knowledge” to ensure requests are pushed along.
  2. Unstructured data – Case data needs to be identified by agents rummaging through subjects and bodies for the issue, sentiment, and additional details – wasting time and resources.
  3. Attachment overload – Manually opening invoices, receipts, pictures, contracts, and forms to extract information is further distracts the agent from more important direct customer interaction.

With their own inboxes flooding, customers often wait days or even weeks to get a response to urgent requests. Organizations need quick, dependable email processing that can save agents’ time so they can focus on customer needs. How can business leaders solve their email processing problem?

Solution: advanced email help desk

An email help desk is a complete email-centric customer service solution that captures, triages, and automates large email volumes. Whether you need a simple email solution with a few steps or a complex case-driven process, our low-code workflow builder helps you see improvements in weeks, not months..

Let’s dive into how an email help desk works:

  • Automating emails – Once the necessary information is extracted, a comprehensive help solution uses workflow automation that reduces customer response time and increase employee productivity. This is accomplished by:
    • Customer 360 – Give agents a 360-degree view of a customer’s interaction, purchasing history and data from core systems. Suggest response templates and SLAs that are most relevant based on the topic of their email, loyalty levels and recent activity.
    • Email-to-Case – Convert emails to one or more cases that have enhanced automation, workflow, and task management capabilities.
    • Triaging – Automatically prioritize and assign emails to the most suitable agents using advanced AI analysis of the email source, body, and attachments.

The combination of case management with workflow automation allows an email help desk to prioritize the repetitive work that takes up your agents’ time allowing them to focus on providing exceptional customer experiences.

Transform your email from end-to-end

Times are quickly changing, customers and partners are increasingly expecting a fast and personalized customer experience – like we’ve come to expect from commercial retail. Eliminate manual errors with an advanced email help desk built to handle large volumes, leverage workflow automation and case management, and provide 360-degree view into every case, customer, and interaction.

Contact us if you have questions about our advanced email help desk.