HyperAutomation Cloud

Technology & Telecom

 Succeed in the 5G and Edge world and drive new operational needs, business models and customer expectations.

HyperAutomation Cloud Accelerators for Technology & Telecom

including Telecommunications, Cable, Satellite, Media, Manufacturing and Service Providers


Convert prospects to new subscribers.


Administrate & resolve fraudulent cases.


Demonstrate service excellence all time.


Create & assign complaint cases to experts.


Onboard new subscribers effortlessly.


Manage all IMACD processes effortlessly.

Jumpstart your Digital Transformation with a tailored Vertical Application

Leverage Eccentex industry knowledge to automate your business processes quickly

Pre-built Vertical Solutions for Technology & Telecom

Either you want to keep your current processes and modernize them or create new business processes, Eccentex help you to digitize, simplify and optimize them.

Start your Digital Transformation by using the advantage of an agile No-Code / Low-Code platform.


Keep your promise to your customer

Improve service operations by providing full visibility to the front, middle, and back offices. Give your employees the ability to solve customer problems before they happen.

Telecom agents

Boost employee bandwidth

Pull the right information into your agent’s desktop so they can deliver personalized support across any channel—with the right context about your customer.

Don’t let point solutions slow you down

Simple customer requests are easily addressed by self-service tools and automation, meaning that agents have to handle the more complex journeys.

Employees lose time tracking down the latest status of a request

Customer data hides inside legacy apps, Excel files, emails and notes

IT struggles to update systems without causing integration challenges with other ones

Upgrade to a unified platform

Build flexible enterprise-grade apps that streamline digital operations, leverage your data to create engaging customer experiences, automate repetitive tasks, and more.

Telecom Technology

Get in touch with experts

The first step in digital transformation is understanding your existing capabilities along with your vision.




What is “AI” in Customer Service?

Learn by breaking down data siloes is critical in transforming customer experience with AI.

Case Study

Customer Service

A large consumer loan company reduced their call center by 210 FTEs and saved over $3 million.

Case Study

Case Management

See how FairWay Resolution used AppBase to deliver digital transformation during a pandemic.