Dynamic Case Management

Unite information, workflows, and people to drive optimum outcomes.


Dynamic case management solutions can be considered the “next-gen BPM” – combining people, process and content to manage predictable and unpredictable work.


  • Complexity: Cases can be complex, involving multiple stakeholders, teams, and systems. Managing anything unpredictable can be time-consuming and error-prone, leading to delays and reduced efficiency.
  • Poor collaboration and visibility: Delays, duplication of effort, and increased costs as employees are forced to jump between legacy software, team-owned apps, Excel files, and unmanaged emails.
  • Difficult to evolve: Organizations can’t adapt to new products, regulations and processes without enormous IT efforts and risk of breaking other systems.


Dynamic Case Management is a core capability of AppBase and ServiceJourney – providing an innovative way for case workers deliver more effective customer experiences and better business outcomes.

Case Management


Improved efficiency

Automate and optimize, reducing the need for manual intervention and enabling users to navigate complex scenarios.

Increased visibility

Provide a comprehensive overview of cases and their data, enabling businesses to identify and resolve issues quickly and make data-driven decisions.

More flexibility

Low-code brings flexibility you need while still providing process efficiency and standardized workflow control.

Process & Workflow

Orchestrating work end-to-end

Working on cases requires a different take on process management. From structured straight-through processes to investigative-style unstructured cases, AppBase provides the tools to handle your unique process needs.

The built-in workflow designers provide intuitive tools for business users while giving technical staff the flexibility to customize every aspect of your work.

Data & Content

The right information at the right time

Unify all forms, documents, content and data together into a case file, and provide employees access to this complete set –  ensuring they can collaborate on outcomes in real-time.

Automatically pull and push information between other core systems. Then display it to employees in the most convenient way, highlighting the most important content.

People & Bots

Case automation

A significant amount of case-based activities involve more than one person – AppBase helps knowledge workers, case managers, service agents and outside people collaborate.

Augment every stakeholder by automating repetitive tasks such as pulling information, making rule-based decisions, proactively notifying stakeholders and assigning tasks.

Reporting & Analytics

Real-time monitoring and insights

AppBase provides advanced reporting and real-time dashboards that enable organizations to track case performance, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions. Define custom KPIs and derive business-specific insights.

The AppBase case model is both open and flexible, allowing you to maintain proper level of visibility at all levels.

Features your team will love

Everything you need to run your service department

Dynamic Workflows

Manage structured and unstructured processes that have their own forms, participants, SLAs, and business rules.

360-Degree Case View

Use drag-and-drop tools to create a complete view of the case, enriching it with data from other core systems.

Sub-Cases & Linked Cases

Split complex, multi-stage issues into smaller pieces. Keep track of related issues to provide consistent resolutions.

Ad-hoc Tasks

Create unplanned tasks, such as requesting a review or approval, and easily assign them to individuals or teams.

Intelligent Assignments

Assign cases and tasks to employees or teams based on their workload, skill set or allow them to pick their own assignments.

Goals, Deadlines and SLAs

Set deadlines for when a case or specific task needs to be resolved and automatically escalate at-risk items or notify stakeholders

Email Handling

Capture emails from multiple addresses and automatically acknowledge, prioritize, and assign them to the right people and cases.

Content Management

Give case workers easy access to all the emails, paper documents, and digital files necessary to make decisions and resolve cases.

Role-based Security

Robust security features to ensure that sensitive data and information is protected from unauthorized access and cyber threats.

Team Inboxes

Track cases coming from multiple channels and assign them to individuals, teams, departments, or specialized queues.

Enterprise-grade case management

Customers choose Eccentex because it’s the power they want with the flexibility they need.


Quickly connect Eccentex apps to external systems – sync data, invoke actions and deploy custom APIs.


Execute your strategy on a platform that can handle global scale and volumes, powered by our Microsoft Azure cloud.


Powerful low-code tools that non-technical people love combined with developer-level extensibility to meet exact needs.


Optimize workflows and processes, using data and analytics to identify opportunities for improvement.


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