Drive seamless customer service

With a unified service desk, service CRM, knowledge base and workflow automation solution.

Shortcuts to great customer service

Email Help Desk

Capture, triage and automate large volumes of emails across all your brands or inboxes.

Knowledge Management

Surface the most relevant and actionable knowledge articles to the customer’s journey.

Customer Workflows

Capture, triage and automate customer requests from any channel.

Customer 360

Turbocharge CX with a 360° view of the customer – tailored for any service team.

Customer 360

Everything in one place

Connect customer data across multiple systems and intelligently present it to the agent on a single screen – highlighting the most relevant information and actions to the customer’s journey. That’s how you achieve a smarter 360-degree view.

Case Management

Silo-breaking workflows

Go beyond simple ticketing with end-to-end case management that automates and streamlines diverse service requests across the entire company.

A financial institution sees a 20% drop in complaints with ServiceJourney

The company uses ServiceJourney to drive excellence in customer care, streamlining customer service with case management that connects the front, middle and back offices.


Turbocharge your contact center

Automatically screen-pop real-time customer data when receiving a call, chat or email eliminating the need for agents to jump between different apps.

Knowledge Management

Always provide fast and accurate answers

Help customers find answers on their own, guide agents and provide a single source of truth for every department and team.

Enterprise-grade customer service

ServiceJourney is great for mid-sized and large organizations that need an end-to-end solution
that meets your unique needs.

High volume

When you need it, ServiceJourney is designed to scale. From thousands of agents to millions of cases, we have you covered.


ServiceJourney supports localized and internationalized email templates, interfaces, self-service portals, articles and more.


Provide consistent service across different brands and product lines regardless of whether you have dedicated teams for each or a more complex cross-functional structure.

Contact-center ready

Turbocharge your agents with real-time customer data right onto your contact center’s desktop. See an example with Genesys.


Customer360 eBook: Breaking Down Silos in Customer Management

Customer360 eBook: Breaking Down Silos in Customer Management

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Top Customer Service Metrics to Measure

Top Customer Service Metrics to Measure

In business, we can only improve what we measure. And in the customer service field, metrics can hold vast importance. Customers expect to receive excellent customer service. If they’re unhappy, they’ll take their business elsewhere. Perhaps worse, they’ll post...

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Taking advantage of the Genesys agent desktop

Taking advantage of the Genesys agent desktop

The customer service experience should be smooth and painless. Agents need to move through their work efficiently, with as few unnecessary interruptions as possible. Ideally, an agent should be able to solve the problem in front of them quickly and easily. That’s the...

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